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Things To Know About Evaporative Cooling Maintenance

vaporative Cooling Maintenance
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Things To Know About Evaporative Cooling Maintenance

I remember visiting my grandfather as a kid in California and hearing he had a swamp cooler. The name sounded so strange and something out of a sci-fi movie. Now that I understand what it is and its other name Evaporative Cooler the concept is very interesting. Evaporative Cooling helps maintain a healthy indoor environment by bringing fresh air into your home, even as the temperatures outside climbs over 100 degrees. Evaporative coolers (Swamp Cooler) are economical and environmentally friendly by taking fresh air and adding cool water to efficiently cool the space. 

vaporative Cooling Maintenance
Photo by Michu Đăng Quang on Unsplash

Evaporative Cooling (Swamp Cooler)

Evaporative Coolers are not meant for hot and humid climates as there is too much water in the area for this method to be effective. Places like Southern California or the Arizona desert are perfect. Swamp coolers bring fresh air from outside and mix it with cool water. If your space is unventilated, it will pump humidity into that space, making it very uncomfortable and damp, which will produce moisture in your home, possibly damaging your electrical systems and belongings.

Braemar is one of Australia’s leading brands that deals in heating and cooling systems. The Braemar evaporative coolers provide both split-system cooler and evaporative coolers. This is the perfect way to reduce your energy bills. These units are highly efficient, affordable, and cost-effective. 


All electrical home appliances do suffer from wear and tear over time. That is why they need proper care and maintenance to let them work in optimal conditions. The same rule goes for evaporative cooling systems; no matter if you have purchased them from a big, reputed brand or local brand, they require periodic maintenance service. Just like other evaporative coolers, Braemar coolers also get affected by dirt and debris with time, so you need to hire the best Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance services in this regard. These professional service providers will clean the ducts of your evaporative coolers, which will increase their cooling efficiency as a result. This will lead to less energy consumption while keeping your rooms cool for long hours at the same time. 

Why Should You Choose Evaporative Cooling Maintenance Services?

However, before you hire an evaporative cooling maintenance service, you should know about your cooler. Different types of models have different types of technology, and you can go through their manual booklet to know details about your cooling system. There are some common problems that you can come across in your evaporative coolers, such as foul odor coming out from ducts, hot air blowing from the fan, and clogs in the motor. So, you need to maintain your cooler by a professional service to overcome these issues. To maintain your evaporative cooler, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • You should do a superficial cleaning of your evaporative coolers at the end of each summer season, and you must hire a professional evaporative cooling maintenance service once a year for deeper cleaner. 
  • If you keep changing your evaporative cooler’s water every day, you will not face any significant problems. But if you live in an area that comes across harsh climatic conditions, you need to hire a professional maintenance service to keep your cooler in the best possible condition. 
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  • There is no seasonal maintenance required for coolers, but you need to go for routine maintenance to keep them efficient and effective. You can hire a Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance service to save your power consumption cost. With regular maintenance, you can avoid the issue of foul odors and avail clean and fresh air from your cooler throughout the year. 
  • Evaporative cooling maintenance services can remove the dust, pollen, and dirt from the ducts of your cooler, and they will help to keep your family healthy. If you have asthma or face any allergy, you should clean these cooler ducts once every three months. 
  • Apart from that, you need to replace your cooler’s chill pads every seven to eight years. It depends on the water quality and climate of your area where you reside. If you are using contaminated water in your cooler and using it under a harsh climate where the moisture level is too high, you need to replace the chill pads every 2-3 years. In this case, you can contact a reliable evaporative cooling maintenance service, and they will check the pads of your cooler and change it if required. 
  • Sometimes, water tends to overflow from the ducts, which can damage your cooler’s electrical components. To avoid such expensive damages, you must hire a professional maintenance service. They will detect the potential issue in your cooler at an early stage before it gets worse and causes more significant damage. 

Apart from this, you must change the filters of your cooler on regular timings. Evaporative coolers can save up to 90% of electricity consumption, and they have different units with separate cooling efficiency. So, you can choose the best one according to your room size. Regular checking, servicing, and maintenance of the cooler can keep it functional for a longer run, and you will not have to replace your cooler every year.