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Still Single? How To Improve Your Dateability

If you are single, you might spend quite a bit of your time dating and looking for potential relationships. If nothing is coming from them, then you might need to look at why. We can spend so long searching for something or someone. When in reality, we need to think about improving ourselves. If we want to find an amazing and inspiring person to date, then we ought to be an amazing and inspiring person too, right? So here are a few ways that you can work on improving yourself. Become the kind of person that you are looking for.

Set Yourself Goals

Being drive and having goals in life is a very attractive quality. It might not naturally be what you are like, but it is a good idea to set yourself some goals. If you are achieving the things you want in life, you will be more attractive to more people. So set yourself some goals to be working on. This site is helpful in setting goals: https://www.mindtools.com/page6.html. Being driven and ambitious are great qualities to have. If you are dating someone that is incredibly driven and ambitious, they aren’t likely to hang around for long if you aren’t that way. Saying you’d love to one day like to own your own business is much more attractive than saying you make a mean grilled cheese.

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Broaden Your Horizons

Think about the people that you like to talk to. The most interesting people to have a conversation with are the ones that have lots of interesting things to say. They might have different experiences to share or a vast knowledge on particular subjects. So broaden your horizons a little bit. Potential dates will remember talking to that guy who was really interesting, rather than that guy that was a little dull. So if you like to travel, travel more. If you have an interest in cultures, maybe study more about them. If you like movies and entertainment, how about watching some more varied titles or going to the theatre? If you are a little stuck for inspiration, then have a look online. You could start with somewhere like this: http://www.netflixupdate.com/netflix-hindi-movies/.

Be Honest with Yourself

It is a good idea, to be honest with yourself and be able to recognise things about yourself. If you know what makes you tick, then that is great. Equally, being able to recognise what your weaknesses are is also useful. Then you can work on improving your imperfections, as well as your strengths.

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Be Available

It is important to know that ‘the chase’ is how you date in high school. If you are looking for a relationship, then you should be open and available to that. Be there physically as well as emotionally. There is no need to be difficult for no real reason. Be open; be honest. It will stand you in very good stead and will make you stand out compared to others.

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