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Services Available at Shields Dental and Implant Clinic

When it comes to choosing a dentist in Limerick, there are lots on offer.  Therefore, it be an idea to look for one that offers services you might need as well as those you do need.  All dentist will offer the basics general dentistry services but it can be good to use one that offers advanced services too.  In the Limerick area, this dentist is Shields Dental & Implant Clinic.

Who are Shields?

Shields is a third-generation family run dentist that prides itself on offering a balance between human warmth and knowledge with the very latest in dental technology.  The practice was opened back in 1917 by Frank Shield who was a pioneer in both oral surgery and sedation.

Today the clinic can be found at:

Shields Dental & Implant Clinic

10 Ashdown Centre,

Courtbrack Avenue

South Circular Road,


General dentistry

General dentistry is the selection of services that cover the most common and often painful problems that people encounter with their teeth and mouth area.  This range from basic dental hygiene and services such as tooth cleaning to the addition of white fillings and tooth removal where required.

The area also covers solving problems with dentistry fixes such as crowns and bridges as well as dental overlays and also dentures.  This helps to restore the mouth to best working ability and allow people to continue to enjoy a wide range of foods.

One of the more challenging areas of dentistry is working with children and this is something Shields prides itself on.  The dentists and dental nurses here have a friendly team with a relaxed approach that helps set children at ease.  This helps to ease problems and maintain teeth quality without creating a fear of the dentist that will affect the child into adulthood.

Advanced dentistry

Sometimes the problem requires more than the routine general dentistry techniques and at Shields, the two brothers who now operate the clinic, Conor and Cormac, have specialities that can help solve these problems.  Conor is trained in implant therapy techniques as well as gaseous and intravenous sedation for anxious patients and those suffering with phobias.  Cormac is an expert in treating facial pain and migraines as well as grinding teeth and there is a daily clinic to deal with oral and facial pain.

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You smile has a big impact on your interactions with others and your teeth have a big impact on your smile.  Gaps, chipped or broken teeth can be a source of embarrassment and mean people come to dread meeting others, don’t use their smile and therefore don’t allow their personality to shine through.  Cosmetic dentistry techniques can help to restore confidence in your smile and Shields offer a range of these treatments for their patients.


With a combination of practical experience and the best in modern dentistry technology, Shields Dental & Implant Clinic can offer solutions for any tooth related problems that the people of Limerick and the wider area may experience.  Their central location makes it easy to reach the clinic and their helpful staff aim to make your visit as simple as possible.

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