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Surprise Your Girlfriend: Top 10 Practical Gifts

Surprise Your Girlfriend: Top 10 Practical Gifts
Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay

Surprising your girlfriend and pampering her with an unexpected gift without any occasion is a professional boyfriend move. Picking practical gifts when there is an occasion may be difficult, but finding the perfect surprises just to make your loved one happy may require even more thinking and planning.

If you are struggling to find the best gift, we are here for you. We have searched and located ten perfect and practical gifts that your girlfriend will love and appreciate!

Addition to Her Book Collection

If your girl loves to read, do some homework, find out her most loved author, book genre and get her a book she does not have. Books are magical creations that can be read multiple times, and something new can be found there – and all those times, she will remember that you have gifted the book.

Handmade Card

Even if you are not in arts and crafts, writing a heartfelt note will come miles and miles more than finding the best poem or quotation. Tell her something about what you appreciate in her. Or leave multiple little messages. You will see how she smiles more and more with each note found.

Handwarmer Mug

When those cold Fall or Winter evenings set in, the best way to warm up is a big cup of coffee or tea. Therefore, the handwarmer mug is one of the perfect practical gifts to give. The drink will provide warmth from inside, while the cup shape will warm up the hands—a truly perfect combination.

A Day at The Spa

Everyone deserves to relax, and if you see that work, school, or just general stress keeps your girl on edge, the day at the spa is what she might need and will truly appreciate. Also, if you stay at home and prepare dinner – we can guarantee she will be both relaxed and happy. 

Jar of Little Love Notes

Love notes
Photo by Pixabay: https://www.pexels.com

Prepare a big mason jar and fill it with lovely little notes. Add the instructions to take one per day, or maybe one note for when you feel sad. It will become the best medicine when a little dark cloud comes to visit.


Perfume is always one of the practical gifts that women love. You undoubtedly know how she smells, so finding ones that correspond and are similar will not be hard. Therefore, we recommend using your sense of smell or looking at those perfume names and heading to the perfume shop. The workers there will help you pick the best option. If you want to give her something more than the usual; a perfume with an alluring scent that creates seduction and inspires love, get her the tattoo perfume from Michel Germain.

A Stylish Phone Case

For a stylish girl, every detail matters. And we are sure she has her phone by her side for most of the day. Therefore she keeps it in her hands a lot. And while keeping the phone safe from all the dangers requires a protective phone case, there is no need to settle for those basic flip cases. Find a case that will fit her style and which will also keep her phone safe and sound. She deserves to have a beautiful and protected phone. 

Photo by Burst from Pexels

Mood Plushie

These practical gifts will come in handy for both of you. A playful and cute plushie that also communicates the feelings – sure! If she is sad or angry, one flip of the plushie, you will know that it is time to watch that movie or get cozy together, and it is not the time to play that video game alone.

A Cozy Blanket

Just as the hand-warming mug is one of the practical gifts on our list, the cozy blanket is a fantastic gift as well. The blanket is the perfect addition. No girl will be disappointed by a warm and soft blanket. It is ideal for watching TV, perfect when reading a book, and for those relaxing evenings with a cup of tea while listening to that true-crime podcast, because why not.

Candles, All the Candles

We can guarantee that candles light up the room, and not only literally. They provide that comfort; the scented ones fill up the space with magical fragrances. The variety and size choices are endless, and you will indeed find one that your girlfriend will enjoy. 

Featured Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay