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Put The Spark Back into Your Relationship with These Adventurous Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Partner

Put The Spark Back into Your Relationship with These Adventurous Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Partner
Image by Bob Dmyt en Pixabay

Everyone loves the holiday season. Sometimes, amidst all the shopping, the partying, the planning, the cooking, and fussing over making sure we don’t leave out anyone important from our gift lists or family get-togethers, we can easily forget to pay loving attention to our significant others. 

Yes, the holidays are busy, and that can lead to stress. And we all know stress can mean we sometimes lose our lust for fun with our partners. That’s why you should seriously consider putting a sexy and adventurous fun gift at the top of your holiday shopping list. Sure, your partner may have hinted that they really like those new earbuds that just came out. But imagine their surprise when they know that the adventurous gift you gave them is all about spicing up your intimate life. That’s something that shows you really care about your relationship. It shows you want to keep the spark alive.  

With this in mind, we have gathered several unique adventurous gift ideas that are sure to bring out that deliciously naughty behavior. Sure, Santa may not like it, but your significant other will go positively wild. Remember, though, because of the very adult nature of these gifts. You probably won’t want to place them under the family Christmas tree. Plan to give them in private. 


For partners that want to explore various sides of their sexuality in a uniquely fun way, a subscription to Dipsea fits the bill perfectly. Dipsea is an app that offers audio-only storytelling with over 500 original stories exploring all aspects of sexuality. 

Dipsea was created by two women for women and describes itself as “sex-positive, consensual and inclusive.” Still, its lineup also includes stories for men, straight and gay couples, and just about any other sexual persuasion. There are stories of conquest and forbidden love and just plain old hot sex with a stranger, some of them narrated by Hollywood actors. 

Dipsea is more than just hot and heavy stories to get you in the mood. It’s also educational. There’s an entire series on how to orally please your partner, breathing techniques to help improve sexual performance, an audio guide to masturbation, and even guides to getting better sleep. 

“We created Dipsea as a celebration of pleasure, joy, human connection, and relationships,” the two founders, Gina and Faye, say on the company website. “Through our sexy stories, sleep scenes, and wellness sessions, we hope you’re able to tap into your sensuality, explore what turns you on, and find joy and confidence in and out of the bedroom.” 

A one-year subscription to Dipsea costs $59.99. 


More and more people are shunning material gifts in favor of “experience” gifts. Tinggly has literally thousands of experiences available from all over the world that you can purchase from their website and then do as a couple. What could be better than spending quality time together, having new experiences, and sharing new and different sides of yourself with your partner? And you also create lifelong memories.

couple at sunset
Image by Adina Voicu en Pixabay

Whether you enjoy the water, mountains, flying, gourmet restaurants, spas, treasure hunts in exotic cities, luxury hotels, or a down-home glamping experience, Tinggly has something for every couple. Their site is divided into different categories of experiences and makes it easy to shop. You buy the category, and the receiver can choose the experiences listed there. The Merry Christmas gift box/card has over 1400 experiences to choose from in over 100 countries. 

Sex Stack

If your love life could use a serious influx of raunchy behavior, you absolutely must get a hold of Sex Stack, a Jenga-like game with a sex component that will have you trying things on your partner that you never imagined. 

As in regular Jenga, the name of the game is to not have the stack of blocks topple when it’s your turn. But before that happens, you have to pull out a block and perform a sexual activity on your other half. The game includes over 175 new and exciting sexual experiences for you and your partner to try and enjoy. 

Sex Stack is available for $29.95 on Amazon. 


If you think that personal lubricants are only for when there’s a problem in the bedroom, like excessive dryness, think again! #LubeLife’s collection of flavored lubes are guaranteed to open up new possibilities for couples and bring incredible, flavorful fun into the bedroom. 

The Valencia, California-based company offers 11 different personal lubricants and is, by far, the number one selling brand on Amazon, with over 100,000 reviews. #LubeLife’s most popular products are its water-based flavored lubes that contain no parabens, glycerin, oil, wax, or silicone. With flavors like mint chocolate chip, strawberry, cotton candy, and watermelon, you are sure to find a tantalizing taste perfect for your mood and desires. 

Love Is Art

You love your partner. You also love art. Now you can combine the two in this amazingly unique adventurous gift that is sure to be a sensual experience the two of you won’t forget. 

Founded by Atlanta-based artist Jeremy Brown, a Love is Art kit includes everything a couple needs to craft a one-of-a-kind abstract painting while being intimate on canvas, working together as a team to craft your own unique masterpiece. The result will be a lasting reminder of the love, passion, and laughs shared and a piece of art that you can proudly hang in the most prominent spot in your home.

The kits also include non-toxic paint, a painter’s drop cloth to protect surfaces from paint splatters, disposable slippers to make a clean walk from the canvas to the shower, and even body wash and a body scrubber. 

Said Brown, “Art takes patience, dedication, practice, creativity, open mind, and an open heart…so does love. Love is art.”

Love Is Art kits start at $60. 

Featured Image by Bob Dmyt en Pixabay