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5 Gifts to Buy Your Girlfriend This Christmas

5 Gifts to Buy Your Girlfriend This Christmas
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With the holidays upon us, we all have a ton of things on our minds. What parties to say yes to, what invitations to decline. Where are we spending the holidays and with whom? How am I going to avoid overindulging in all the sweets this year? What will my New Years’ resolution be? And of course, what gift will I get for that special someone in my life? It can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Here’s a manageable list of the best gifts you can buy your girlfriend this Christmas – so you avoid sweating the small stuff and enjoy the holiday season. 

Is She Athletic? 

If your girlfriend is an athlete or a thrill-seeker? Gift her something that will get her blood flowing this Christmas. Instead of another scarf or jewelry piece, consider purchasing her an experience gift. Something like a pass for a few sessions of skydiving on a new surfboard should do the trick. Maybe she’s hinted that she wants new equipment for her home gym – a Peloton or set of free weights is extravagant, and you’ll see your money going to good use. Think about her interests and what she is most likely to use regularly, and there’s your gift. 

Is She A Workaholic? 

There is nothing wrong with being an ambitious, hard worker. It probably ranks high on the list of things you find most attractive about her. But, no matter how much she enjoys working hard and climbing the proverbial ladder, she likely needs help unwinding at the end of the day. An excellent gift for this type of woman would be a gift certificate to a local spa or hiring a masseuse to come to her home for a private massage. You can also make her a basket with home spa items like masks, eye creams, and a nice robe. Don’t forget to create a small package with calming teas, CBD edibles, and favorite snacks. If you live together, give her complete control over what the two of you binge watch for an entire month – after all, sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most! 

Is She A Mother? 

It’s long been said that being a mother is the most challenging job on the planet – and with good reason! Most mothers work outside the home and raise their children, which can become exhausting. While you likely already have it nailed down what to get for an expecting mother, shopping for busy moms may be more complicated. As mentioned above, anything relaxing should do the trick. But, you could also show your love and appreciation by gifting her a beautiful piece of jewelry. Maybe she’s been coveting a designer handbag for a long time – splurge and surprise her with it! And, as cliche as vouchers or coupon books may seem – giving her a few “get out of the house” passes is always a great idea. Just make sure you’re willing to follow through and truly let her enjoy her alone time where she can relax and focus on herself. 

Is She A Traveller? 

Most people enjoy traveling to places they’ve never been to; that is a given. But maybe she doesn’t have the budget to go on a trip that she’s been daydreaming about. After the last couple of years in lockdown, surprise her with tickets and hotel fare to the destination you know she’s been dreaming of. Sure, this is an extravagant gift, but if you’ve got the budget for it – isn’t she worth it? Bonus, you will likely be going on the trip as well, so the gift is for the two of you. 

Is She Ready To Tie The Knot? 

December is globally the number one month during which to propose. If you know your girlfriend is ready to take the plunge, and you are too, why not make this Christmas one she will never forget? Make sure you have a good idea of what type of ring your girlfriend would prefer – which you should if you know her well enough to ask her to marry you! Whether you plan something over the top or not, getting engaged is a monumental event, but make sure part of your gift is some thought process and a plan to make you popping the question something worth posting on social media. 

Your girlfriend is the apple of your eye, so make sure you give her something this Christmas that lets her know just how much you love and appreciate her. The holidays are all about spending time with those you love and making memories that will last a lifetime. If you utilize the above-mentioned gift ideas, you’ll be sure to make this Christmas one she’ll never forget. Happy Shopping!

Featured Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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