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What is a Real Man in the Modern World?

If you were to travel back in time one hundred or two hundred years and stop a man on the street to ask him what being a ‘real man’ was all about, there would be elements of his answers that would be familiar to the modern guy.  Some things have changed a lot in the last century or two, while other elements remain constant.  So what does it mean to be a real man in our modern world?

Individual perspective

The first thing to note is there is no right or wrong answer to the question – ask fifty men and get fifty different answers, all with their own merits.  To some, it is a series of qualities, abstract things that shape behavior and attitudes.  For others it is a combination of what you do, what you think and how you look.  What is your version of a real man?

Going back and looking forward

Women actually play a large role when it comes to the ever-changing attitude of “the man.”  Back in the day, men were the breadwinners – the ones bringing home the wages so that the woman could raise the kids and look after the house.  That ancient ideal has gone out the window and forced man to reassess his role.  In a house where the woman may earn more than the man, the man sometimes finds himself taking on the role once attributed to the woman – but this doesn’t make him less manly.

This means the real modern man is adaptable and doesn’t follow a traditional stereotype.  He doesn’t resent his wife or partner for her success (or hate that she earns more than he does if that is the situation).  Nor does he lord it over her if he is the main salary earner.  A real man recognizes the benefits of a partnership, with each half contributing something essential.


Another thing that makes a real man is the passion he has for the elements of his life.  It doesn’t matter if we’re referring to sports, a hobby, the clothes he wears, or even the accessories he adds to his outfits.  While family always comes first, these passions are also very important, regardless of what they are.  They add depth to a person and allow him to explore a different side of himself.

Luxury accessories brand William Henry recently asked a series of men the same question, ‘What is a man?’ and made a music video encapsulating their views.  It perfectly captures the idea that being a real man isn’t about liking a certain sport or following a particular music group – it is about having a passion for the people and things you love.

For more on William Henry’s video collection discussing the topic: “What is a real man?” you can check out these:


The William Henry videos raise another issue to discuss on the subject of a real man – his style.  Gone are the days when a man couldn’t leave the house without a suit and tie, but many of today’s style ideas are still inspired by the past.

First among those is caring about your appearance, even when wearing casual clothing.  Getting clothes that are a good, sensible fit is important, and the finishing accessories are also crucial.  Being a real man isn’t about wearing huge, overstated jewelry (unless that’s your specific style) but more about picking the right piece for the look.

Morpheus Reef

However you dress yourself, the real man combines style with passion, wearing what suits him, suits the occasion and what he loves – all in harmony.  The result is a man who looks the part, acts the part and is a pleasure to be around.

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This blog post was written in partnership with William Henry. All opinions are of Aspiring Gentleman.