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Questions to Ask when Viewing a Property to Rent

Many people who are just entering the rental market can feel quite overwhelmed by the experience. They feel concerned that they’ll make the wrong decision, or that they’re not asking the right questions when going on viewings. Hopefully, today’s article will allay some of those fears though, as we look at the top questions you should be asking on a viewing.

  1. What is the deposit and referencing procedure?

This is incredibly important so make sure you ask this as soon as possible. When viewing a property, you’ll probably already know the monthly rent, but what about the deposit? This varies from agent to agent, as some set it at one or two month’s rent upfront, while others could be more for a furnished property.

Secondly, check what the referencing procedure is, and in particular, ask how long you need to have been in employment to be accepted. Many young professionals move to the city because they’re starting a new job, but some referencing companies require you to have been in a job for six months in order to qualify.

  1. What’s included with the property?

Just because a property is listed as furnished or unfurnished, don’t take anything at face value. You should always ask for an itemised list of everything that’s included during your tenancy.

For example, if viewing a furnished property, just because there is a television there for viewing does not mean it will be there when you move in, as these are rarely included. On the other hand, those taking on an unfurnished property will usually find that white good are included in the monthly rent.


  1. What is the area like?

This is an important question, as the estate agent’s answer can tell you a lot about the kind of place you’re taking on. If you ask what the area is like at night and they answer with “lively”, you should ask yourself whether that means they have noisy bars and pubs in the area, with neighbours who like to party all night.

The best thing to do is to take their answer into consideration and then go away to conduct your own research online. Look for community blogs and websites that will give you a better insight into the kind of activity in the location, as well as housing websites where people can rate how good an area is.

If you’d like to know some more questions to ask when viewing a rented property, then click here, but remember, a lot of this information can be gleaned from setting up a strong relationship with your estate agent. Not only will they be astute in the rental process, but if you do your research and pick one with a lot of experience such as Linley & Simpson, they can also be fantastic sources of information about the area.

If you’re in rented accommodation and you have any tips for readers, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

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