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PHP Vs ASP.NET: Which Stands Out As The Most Preferable Platform?


Ever since the existences, PHP and ASP.NET had been through various comparisons, users being curious to know which one are going to be the best platform for them to work with. There had been many discussions and posts putting on PHP Vs ASP.NET on the board. However, we are going to discuss it here in a way more detailed manner so that the beginners could understand better too.

Whenever a language for app development is considered you need to be sure that it is well functioning and allows you with the best possibilities of creation. Despite the points of differentiation, there are a lot of similarities that exist with both ASP.NET and PHP. Though determining the perfect pick isn’t an easy task, you may be able to do so with a proper comparison. Well let’s begin.

PHP: An Introduction

PHP - PHP Vs ASP.NET: Which Stands Out As The Most Preferable Platform?

With server-side scripting, PHP is known to be a general purpose, open source programming language. It is regarded mostly for development of web applications and dynamic websites. Object-oriented concept of PHP allows it to be a bit creative in the way it solves various problems. It had been extremely popular because of being easily understandable. The PHP community and functionality had been known to increase since its very release in 1995. It is absolutely free for use and would always be. Programming with PHP is easier than anything else.

PHP can run about on any host’s server, supporting a wide variety of databases including Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Informix, Sybase and also Microsoft SQL. PHP puts the vast majority of its accentuation on server-side scripting however it can likewise be utilized for creating work area applications. One of its awesome highlights is that PHP code doesn’t need to be built into a different document. It can likewise be composed inside a HTML page, enabling designers to make dynamic site pages. PHP packs a great deal of speed and usefulness and it is arranged towards web improvement.

Possible Functionalities with PHP

Being the easy and modern programming language, PHP enables you to perform a wide range of tasks in the most creative ways. Mentioned below are some of the possibilities that you may consider with the use of PHP:

  • Use forms to gather user information. You may choose to fetch probable information from the users and then communicate to them the require details via email.
  • Gather information from other web pages and all over the web. Using dynamic PHP scripts you can automate data collection on your website. You can also scrape other data including text and pictures from other websites.
  • Create membership option for your website. If you are planning to setup a website with some paid content, PHP would let you create a membership area that could be accessed only with username and password.
  • You can generate and manage dynamic files and web pages with PHP.
  • Track clients with the assistance of cookies. You can send and get cookies and track how visitors connect with your website.
  • Add dynamic functions to your website. When you consider the development of dynamic functions into your websites, sky is the only limit; you can surely introduce clocks, calendars, calculators and many other dynamic functions like that. PHP lets you create some incredible applications and features that can send and receive information very swiftly with the help of these dynamic functions.
  • Create desktop applications. PHP also enables you to write probably good desktop applications. It is though not the best way of doing so since PHP is known to put most of its emphasis on web development.
  • Use PHP’s incredible text processing features.
  • PHP lets you do it all with the easiest hosting. Almost all hosts are known to support the latest PHP versions, making things extremely easy.
  • There is a complete range of wide built-in functions with PHP.

Drawbacks of PHP

Though have many things to consider as the best, there are also several drawbacks that PHP leaves you with. Have a look below:

  • Security Flaws: There’s a long history of security failures that exists with PHP. There are many unknown and known vulnerabilities that come along with the extreme features. These vulnerabilities may lead to a probable exploitation of your website and its performance. However, the use of security plug-ins and various other security measures would do the best for handling sensitive data with your PHP script.
  • Not appropriate for desktop applications: It is although not impossible to develop desktop applications with PHP, there are many other ways that would let you do it in a far better manner. PHP being more optimized for web development is never recommendable for developing desktop applications.
  • Has a Weak Type: For many of the new comers, the implicit conversion of language is going to turn out to be a great surprise, bringing in a lot of unexpected bugs into the scene.

ASP.NET: What is it?

ASP.NET  1024x512 - PHP Vs ASP.NET: Which Stands Out As The Most Preferable Platform?

Active Server Page or ASP.NET (know originally as ASP+) was designed and develop by Microsoft with the objective of dynamic web development. With server-side scripting, this open source platform was considered to be the best for high speed web development. It allowed the functioning of numerous explicit features making it possible to bring up robust applications for PCs and mobile devices. It was released as the first server side scripting language by Microsoft in the year 1998.

Being a Microsoft platform, ASP.NET also supports codes that are compiled in languages like C#, C++, Visual Basic and Perl. There are various server controls and hence the website content and code is known to be separate. You may therefore be able to continue web development in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment. It leads to a clean separation of concerns and also provides a pattern based method of web development. ASP.NET features makes the web development process enjoyable.

Features and Functionalities with ASP.NET

There are a lot of reasons or advantages of using ASP.NET over PHP for web development. Here are the features that you’d be served well by the platform:

  • Flexible Programming: Well, even if you change your mind midway while programming a website or application, you would not be required to reprogram things from the beginning. ASP.NET is a platform with object-oriented flexible programming.
  • Separation of Concern: Since the application model, view and control is divided, the code and application tend to become more transparent. The maintenance of an application hence becomes much easier. You may also choose to split a single project into several parts so that different developers can work on the same project at the same time. The work of one developer would not be affecting the others.
  • Supports TDD: It provides probable support for Test Driven Development. We can develop applications with unit test.
  • Productivity: ASP.NET holds on to various libraries like Odata, SignallR, WebApi and many more language features which improve productivity to a great extent.
  • Mature Framework: ASP.NERT is known to be composed of a task-based library. This implies that it is a platform with organized classes, each of them belonging to a specific class. For instance, developers can save their time from image editing, XML or any other development tasks.
  • Simple Development: This is an event-driven server-side programming model which makes application development easier than ever.
  • Language Support: There are over 25 .net languages that are supported by ASP.NET. Thus, developers can pick the one they are most comfortable with. C, C#, C++, VB.Net and Jscript.Net are few among them.

Drawbacks with ASP.NET

Being two different faces of a coin, advantages and disadvantages are known to move together. Here are some of the drawbacks that you may have to face with ASP.NET:

  • Higher Costs: The expensive upkeep of Visual studio and ASP is one of the major drawbacks that prevail with this development platform. It uses much more server resources as compared to PHP. Though the language is free, the developer environment needs to be paid for. Being a costly choice you may need to think well before picking it as your web development platform.
  • Difficulty in Understanding the Applications Flow: the application flow with ASP.NET is known to be a bit complex. Also, it is not at all preferable for small applications. This is known to be pretty hard to deploy.

PHP Vs ASP.NET: The Most Preferable

Now when you know each of the languages and also their core features, it would be easier for you to differentiate between then and choose the most appropriate platform for web development. Both ASP.NET and PHP carry their own benefits and flaws. On one hand when PHP is inexpensive, there various security flaws associated with it; ASP.NET is though the best in case of coding languages, it is not preferable for desktop applications. Hence, there are many perspectives and aspects that need to be considered do that a proper comparison is brought up as ASP.NET Vs PHP performance. Here are the two compared:

Major DistinctionsPHPASP.NET
CompatibilityPHP has the capability of working with various platforms including Linux, UNX, OSX, Windows and almost anything else. PHP is an independent platform. A large number of development tools and editors can be used with PHP.ASP.NET is made primarily for Windows platforms. ASP.NET is dependent heavily on the Windows platform. Most of the programmers with PHP use Microsoft Visual Studio during the development process.
CostBeing entirely an open source platform, PHP is a less costly web development platform.ASP.NET is known to incur higher costs since it uses a lot of server resources.
SpeedPHP is known to be a bit faster.Because of a difficult application flow, processes are expected to become slower here.
SupportPHP shares the largest share in the market share and expectedly it is supported by almost all developers and platforms.Not all developers and platforms support ASP.NET.
ScalabilityWhen you are looking in for development through content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress then PHP is the most scalable platform.ASP.NET is also an appropriate choice in case of scalability. However, there are some places where it won’t be a great choice.
Deployment TimePHP is known to be interpreted on the server; hence deployment time with this is far less.Every time a modification is made, ASP needs to be compiled. This increases the deployment time associated with it.


With the explicit features and functionalities provided with both the platforms, it is hard to reach any conclusion for finding the best in PHP Vs ASP.NET. However, in case of compatibility, cost efficiency, support and speed, PHP would always prove to be the best web development platform for modern website and applications. You cannot ignore the abilities of ASP.NET either. So, make your choices well.

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