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Must Haves For A Dream Bachelor Pad

Are you looking to build the perfect bachelor pad to enjoy through weekends and every day after you arrive home from work? Well, then, you need to fill it with the right gadgets, gizmos and furniture. A great bachelor pad should be stylish, comfortable and every young boy’s dream. Here are a few things we’d suggest.

Pool Table, Table Tennis And Foosball

At least one of these is absolutely essential for a proper bachelor pad. You need it to be a space where your friends can come over and play a proper game of pool or beat someone at foosball. Altogether getting all three could cost you up to a grand and you’ll need a lot of space. But it would definitely be worth it to have the ultimate indoor sports arena on your property.

Lazy Boy 3000

This is not a real chair. It just sounds like an awesome recliner, and that’s exactly what you need for your bachelor pad. At the click of a button, your recliner should make you feel as though you are getting massaged by the world’s greatest piece of furniture. There are plenty of recliners available, and some even have massage settings!

Going Retro

The latest games consoles are a given, but you might also want some of the old classics. As we all know the originals are often the best. The good news is that you don’t have to hoist one of the old arcades up to your pad. Instead, you can download new versions of the classics. Check out more info about this below as well as some ideas for the best games.

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