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Muscle Men: Best Christmas Gifts For Gym Users

Does your partner spend most of his free time working out or is your best mate constantly looking for ways to increase his muscle tone? Gym usage has grown exponentially over the last few years; the aesthetic movement has taken hold of both sexes and YouTubers are releasing lines of gym clothes, fitness gear, and even protein shakes.

With all this in mind, we present your gym-themed gift guide. Full of ideal presents for those who know their protein powders from their press-ups, have calculated exactly how much protein, fiber, fat, and carbohydrate each meal contains, and weigh everything, somewhat annoyingly, down to the last gram.


NutriBullets, blenders, and juicers are ideal for gym buffs because they can get much-needed calories from healthy smoothies, whip up a large batch of protein shakes to pop in the fridge, and even make delicious vegetable soups, homemade pancakes, and tasty sauces. A NutriBullet is different from other juicers as instead of only juicing liquid it breaks down stems, seeds, and skins which give you a higher nutritional content in the finished product. Not only are you getting an incredible taste you are getting the maximum nutritional benefit possible. The NutriBullet Blender has a 600-watt motor that works with cyclonic action which forces everything you put into it into the turbo extractor blades to be broken down into a liquid.

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Protein Powder

Any dedicated gym user worth their salt will know all about protein powder, a specially formulated ingredient that helps to build muscle density and is most often used by bodybuilders. However, this whey based protein doesn’t come cheap, and combined with other powders, supplements, and performance drinks this lifestyle can get expensive. Protein powder, amongst other things, contains amino acids that contribute towards muscle growth and maintenance, something which is vital if you are looking to build muscles healthily over time. They come in an extensive range of flavors from cookie dough, chocolate, and birthday cake to vanilla, strawberry, and cheesecake and costing around sixty dollars.

Personalized Gym Bag

Standard gym bags tend to look a bit ugly, dull, and even tired-looking so why not inject a bit of personality into their bag? You could get their name, favorite sports team, other hobbies, and even pictures of pets, kids, and food printed onto sturdy canvas. That way, even though they’re not physically with you, you know that they’ll be thinking about you every time they open the zips, take out a fresh towel, or go searching for the banana they packed earlier.

Aesthetic Wear

Gym clothing has come a long way from the shorts, t-shirts, trainers, and even sports tracksuits of the eighties and nineties. Nowadays, not only can you get bespoke trainers designed to strengthen your muscles but also specially produced aesthetic clothing made with special fibers. These then mold the garment to your body, helping to show off muscle tone while still giving you plenty of movement. Not only that, aesthetic gym clothing is machine washable, treated with an antishrinkage liquid, and is also super soft.

Dumbbell Sets

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While watching House Of Cards does your gym friend wish they were using their Netflix time more productively? Well; instead of hearing them complain that they could be on the treadmill, lifting weights, or improving their cardio, you could buy them a portable dumbbell set. It’ll increase their muscle strength and tone at the same time as them doing something else. Home dumbbell kits also come with a click and lock system to change weights and are small enough to store easily.

Fitness Trainer Qualification

If you think they spend more time in the gym than anywhere else, then they might be looking to turn their enthusiasm for their hobby into something more. Have they expressed an interest in taking their training further? Helping other people? Or increasing their exercise, nutrition, or sports knowledge? Then they might love a fitness training course that could then see them qualify as a personal trainer, instructor, or a specialist gym staff member. Not only will this gift put a smile on their faces but it’ll also open industry doors and potentially lead them all the way to a brand new career!

Personal Fitness Plan

Like we’ve mentioned many prominent online fitness enthusiasts, have released clothing, plans, and products so what could be better than getting him a workout guide from his favorite fitness blogger? Check what level your friend, loved one, or family member is at first you don’t want to buy him a guide that’s too easy, or indeed too difficult. There are plenty to choose from such as those by Rob Lipsett, a personal trainer, athlete, and online personality who offers six, eight, or twelve-week nutrition and coaching sessions. As always, check out the testimonials of other users, for example, you could check out a tone it up review in detail, and you’ll get a good idea to see if it’s worth the money.


It’s very common for gym-goers to listen to music while exercising or even to watch TV on the large screens overhead as they workout. However, not everyone likes to hear the same tracks looped around the system, and this way they get to enjoy a thrilling novel while keeping fit. Look at what they read already are they an Andy McNab fan? Do they love the dystopian works of Justin Cronin? Or are they partial to the horror-filled tales of Stephen King? Whatever he likes to read get it in audiobook form, many are downloadable, or you can stream live from sites such as Audible.

A Fitbit

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Does your buddy like to keep track of steps? Calories and even their sleep schedule? A Fitbit wristband could be the perfect addition to their gear as it’ll also measure their heart rate give them helpful workout tips and show them when they’ve achieved peak performance. If they like to combine their muscle training with cardio the device can also show them their run route, give them their time and performance stats, and suggest ways that they could get quicker.

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