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What Does It Mean To Be A “Complete Man”?

One of the biggest problems facing young men in the modern world is a crisis of identity. A lot of young men are left without any real direction to guide them in life. This comes from the shake-ups in society over the last century. Most of these have, obviously, been a very good thing for everyone, but it has resulted in a generation that is unsure of their place in the world. There used to be set rules in place to dictate what it meant to be a “complete man”, but now things aren’t quite so simple. Fortunately becoming a complete man is still something that is very much attainable. You’ve just got to be willing to look inward and make some decisions. With that in mind, here are three ways to help make yourself into a complete man.

Have a philosophy

The world is no longer going to guide you through your life and tell you what to do. This means that you have total freedom to decide for yourself. This is, of course, amazing, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. And it’s this responsibility for finding your own direction that frightens so many young men. In order to find that direction you first need to craft a personal philosophy. Look inside yourself and try to figure out what it is that’s most important to you in the world. Is it family? Love? Success? Figure out what things mean the most to you and use those as the bedrocks of your personal philosophy. This is also something that you should be critical of and adjusting as you grow as a person. Your philosophy should guide you, but you should also be willing to change it based on new information and understanding.

Keep busy


Boredom is one of the biggest problems that so many young man face today. The current one is a generation of men who have more stimulus around them than ever before but are bored and distracted. This is simply a symptom of a larger problem that far too many men lack the direction to find things that they’re passionate about. The complete man is one whose life is filled to the brim, not empty and aimless. Work hard and throw yourself into what you do for a living, but you should also make time for friendships and socialising. It’s also incredibly important to find hobbies and activities that you enjoy. Taking up a sport is one of the best ways to fill your time. Golf, in particular, is a fantastic hobby to keep you active and sharpen your mind all at once. To find courses near you, check out atthetee.com.

Care for those you love


Selfishness is yet another symptom of the general problem that faces young men today. It’s a generation that has never truly wanted for anything and that has come with a degree of selfishness. A complete man is one who cares for those around him, his family and his friends. Rather than expecting things from the world, expect things from yourself and push yourself to do the best that you possibly can for the people that you care about.

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