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Tips To Create A Good Dating Profile

These days online dating is a real chance for many singles to meet their soul mate. According to stats, one relationship in six starts online. The competition among singles is pretty high and it keeps growing as more and more women and men are continuously creating their dating profiles. The success of your searches largely depends on the quality and content of your profile. Many men complain that their profiles are rarely viewed and that their messages are often left unanswered by women. In most cases, the problem lies in poorly completed fields with user’s information and wrong profile photos. First impressions are especially important when it comes to online dating. It takes a woman one gaze at a man’s profile picture and his aim to understand whether she wants to write to him or reply to his letter. Ukrainian girls from Romance Compass .com know the secrets of successful profiles and are ready to share them with you.

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How to choose the right profile photo

Any woman would like to see the picture of the man she is corresponding with. That’s why so many women don’t reply to the messages received from the users whose profiles don’t contain any pictures. The absence of photos makes women suspicious and they decide not to waste their time exchanging messages with incognito.

You need to upload a couple of your photos to make your profile stand out. The pictures should be of high quality that’s why photos taken with your smartphone will not be a good option. Your main photo should feature only you – group pictures should be uploaded separately. It’s been proved that more successful are those pics taken in the summer rather than in winter.

Your facial expression in the picture is also important. The photos where a woman looks right into the camera are more popular among men. For men’s photos this rule works vice versa. So if you want your profile photo to attract more women, make sure it features you slightly looking away. Also, don’t hide your eyes behind the sunglasses. Upload your recent photos, so that your potential dates know your current image. Add several pictures in which you’re depicted doing something you’re passionate about, in which you are with friends and some photos from your trips. This will help other users understand that you’re worth meeting.

How to complete your profile information

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Be precise and concise filling out the field asking to tell about yourself. It shouldn’t be your CV, but just some general points that vividly describe your personality.

When writing about your interests and hobbies, mention only those that characterize you as an active and sociable person.

Don’t write about your previous relationships and how they failed. If you’re divorced, just select the appropriate status from the proposed list.

Don’t overwhelm the users with a long list of the qualities you’re looking for in your potential partner. Be more creative and come up with an interesting phrase that will be catchy and at the same time will state your expectations.

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