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Psychological Effects of Car Accident Injuries on Victims

Psychological Effects of Car Accident Injuries on Victims
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When you’re in a car accident, you may have some obvious physical injuries and feel sore all over. It’s common to suffer from broken bones, head injuries, lacerations, and neck and back injuries. 

However, psychological effects can occur with and without physical injuries. These effects are from the trauma caused by the accident. Sometimes, you may have such severe pain that it causes psychological trauma. Traumatic brain injuries can also cause ongoing mental and emotional troubles. 

Even if you get a clean bill of physical health after your accident, you may suffer psychological effects in the weeks, months, and years afterward. Here’s a look at the most common psychological issues that are associated with car accidents. 


One of the most common psychological issues experienced by car accident victims is depression. You may be unable to work or have difficulty being active. Depression can impact your overall enjoyment of life, keeping you from getting good sleep and making it hard to have an appetite. You may feel hopeless and unlike your usual self. 


Accidents cause a lot of financial uncertainty due to the added expenses of medical bills and lost wages. Anxiety involves worrying about what hasn’t happened yet, and as the expenses pile up, you may be wondering how you will ever get through this situation. 

Behavioral Changes

A traumatic brain injury can alter how your brain functions. This can change the way you act and your personality. You may have once been calm and easy-going before the accident, but now you get angry for no reason. 

Sleep Disturbances

Sleep is critical for both mental and physical well-being. Anxiety, depression, and brain injuries can make it harder to sleep. This, in turn, leads to more difficulties as you try to recover your long-term health.

 Developing New Phobias

Before the accident, you may have never had any fear on the road. After the accident, you may develop a fear of driving. This is especially difficult to overcome if your job involves driving or you need to commute to work. You may additionally decline invitations to go anywhere or even be fearful when someone else is driving you around. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Even if you have no physical injuries beyond a few bruises and scrapes, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can impact you long after your accident. You may have regular nightmares, waking up in terror as your brain replays the details of the accident in your mind. You may even have physical and emotional reactions, flashbacks, or disturbing memories in your wakeful hours. PTSD may also cause you to self-isolate, cutting you off from those that matter most in your life. 

What to Do If You Have Psychological Effects After an Accident

It’s important to get professional mental health treatment if you are experiencing any psychological effects following your accident. You can read more here about what you can do about the psychological effects of your car accident injuries.  

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