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6 Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Outcome in Florida Personal Injury Claims

6 Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Outcome in Florida Personal Injury Claims
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Victims of accidents harmed by a negligent act have the right to seek compensation. With so many law firms and lawyers in Florida, finding the right one can feel as traumatic as the incident that caused the injuries. And once you’ve hired legal representation, you may be confused about how to achieve the most successful outcome.

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The 6 Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Outcome in a Florida Personal Injury Claim

Some who’ve been injured in an accident can sometimes sabotage their cases by making careless mistakes without realizing they’re doing so. This is to be avoided at all costs. To win a successful Florida personal injury settlement, some common dos and don’ts and tips can help victims receive justice and compensation. Although each case is unique and has nuances, these dos and don’ts should be followed.

Do Hire a Lawyer

No matter how strong your case is, attempting to file a lawsuit without legal representation would be foolish. To ensure that you file your case to the letter of the law, it’s best to have a professional handle the hard stuff. When seeking an attorney, not just any lawyer will do. You should only hire a personal injury attorney with experience with your specific type of case.

Don’t Blab on Social Media

Most of us have become comfortable posting our lives on social media, but this practice should be avoided when seeking justice and compensation after an accident. Anything you post can be used against you by the defendant’s legal team, and what may seem harmless, venting or sharing a photo of a happy moment, can be exploited. Refrain from your socials until a settlement has been reached.

Do File Quickly

The accident victim’s priority is to seek medical treatment. Those with severe injuries could be laid up in a hospital for weeks or longer. However, filing your personal injury lawsuit should be done immediately, even if someone else gets the ball rolling on your account. Florida’s statute of limitations for personal injury cases is locked in a mere two years from the accident date. Filing after this timeframe will result in the court rejecting your claim.

Don’t Discontinue Medical Treatment

Some medical treatments for your injuries can be unpleasant experiences. However, this doesn’t justify postponing, ignoring, or discontinuing your treatment. You’ll need to follow your medical team’s orders and do your part to ensure you’re actively participating in your recovery. Skipping or discontinuing any part of your medical treatment will be used against you as proof that your injuries aren’t severe.

Do Keep an Injury Journal

Keeping an injury diary is a smart way to ensure you don’t miss any medical appointments. Keeping track of your medical treatment ensures you don’t miss out on any damages for appointments that you’ll add to your economic claims. Still, it is also a great way to document any changes in your medical condition. Writing down new symptoms such as nightmares, anxiety, or depression can be added to your non-economic damages.

Don’t Agree to a Recorded Statement

Unscrupulous insurance companies may contact you and offer you an opportunity to tell your side of the story and allow them to record the statement. What may seem an honest and kind gesture on their part is quite the opposite. Savvy insurance claims representatives may ask leading questions they’ll use against you later. If contacted by the defendant’s insurance company, kindly refuse to give a statement and refer them to your lawyer.

The Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Florida Personal Injury Settlement: Final Thoughts

If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you can seek compensation for your damages. Unfortunately, many victims end up stepping on their own feet and can easily do some things wrong that can weaken the strength of their case in the long run.

To ensure you don’t do more harm than good, it’s crucial to hire an experienced personal injury attorney and follow their instructions on what to do and what not to do. They’re the professionals who know what’s best. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot when seeking compensation. Hire an attorney who can guide you toward a successful personal injury claim.

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