Home Advice Information Guide: Advantages Of Timber Flooring

Information Guide: Advantages Of Timber Flooring

Timber Flooring
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Information Guide: Advantages Of Timber Flooring

Over the last few years, timber flooring has gained immense popularity. The right color material and color of the flooring highlights the elegance, warmth, and ambiance of a home. Timber is an extraordinarily rich color, and if you want to elevate the look and feel of your home, there is nothing better than timber flooring. Timber has many environmental benefits as well. You can choose either hardwood or laminate flooring depending on your needs and budget. This flooring is durable and provides more longevity than other flooring options.

Timber Flooring
Photo by William Zhao on Unsplash

Different Types of Wood Flooring’s Are Available in The Market, And They All Have Benefits 

  • Blackbutt– Extremely dark and warm. This is ideal for areas that are prone to bushfire.
  • Spotted gum– Dark brown with polygonal patches; this is commonly used for house framing.
  • Rose gum– Durable with a slight pink tinge, this lovely grown color will add character to your home.
  • Ironbark– If you love dark shades of red and brown, this is ideal. This type of timber is very compact and sturdy.

Timber Flooring Benefits 

Exudes Regal Appeal

Wood flooring looks rich, warm, and classy. It has a classic shine and is exceptionally durable in the long run. Extremely easy to maintain, durable and strong, timber flooring is now one of the preferred choices for sports academy and commercial spaces. 


Wood flooring is long-lasting as compared to other types of flooring. Select solid and superior quality timber so that it lasts longer. Buy timber from a known source that you are not tricked. A lot of manufacturers sell inferior quality wood and call it timber. It is best to hire an interiors designer who will tell you which colored timber will look good. If you place a carpet on the timber floor, the flooring needs to be repaired every five years as it undergoes wear and tear. 

Timber Flooring Benefits 
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Easy to Maintain

Flooring should be easy to clean and maintain. If you have kids at home and need to constantly clean to keep the home clean, you must opt for timber flooring. Dust, dirt, and odors can be easily wiped off from the flooring. You can vacuum clean the floor and steam mop to remove unwanted dirt. The aroma of a clean timber floor is soothing and fresh. 


People love using carpets as it helps in adding beauty and character to the home. How about timber flooring? The house will look beautiful, but you do not have to worry about spending more money on an expensive carpet, getting it regularly cleaned, or there will be moths’ fleas and mites in the home. This flooring is easy to install and will add comfort and hygiene to your home. If you are allergic to dust, mildew, and others, it is best to have timber flooring at home as these allergens are not found in this flooring. 

Value for Money

Whether you want to refurbish or redecorate your home, you should look at economical ways to do so. Timber flooring will not only add glamour, but it is an excellent investment for your home. Timber flooring looks clean, shiny, and is so simple to maintain. You need not worry about scratches, wear, and tear. The repair cost for timber flooring is way more reasonable as compared to other flooring’s. 


Did you know that the timber floor is an excellent way to insulate your home? If there is excessive heat in the house, this flooring will help cool the home. If you love walking barefoot in your home, you can easily do that on this floor.  


With all these advantages, wood flooring has become a popular and great option for your flooring needs, although it may come at a higher price, the benefits are completely worth it.