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How to Help Your Kids Succeed in School

How to Help Your Kids Succeed in School
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School can be difficult for many kids, and they may need a helping hand from you along the way. You can teach your child at home, which can help them succeed in school, such as behavior, routine, and attitude. Below we look at a few ways you can help your kids succeed in school. 

Create a Learning Routine

Kids thrive from a routine and are much more likely to stick to studying and completing homework if it is part of their daily routine. This is best done together at the dining table, so you can help out if needed. If you have some kind of work that you can do at the same time, do so. This will provide a role model to your child how learning or studying is an essential part of life, no matter your age. You could take this time to learn a language, read a good book, or do something creative. 

Complete Practice Tests

If your child is coming up to the age of exams such as CATs, start doing practice tests with them. This is one of the best ways to learn what might come up in the test and what your child still needs to practice. You can sit them down in test conditions to help them get ready for what a real test would be like. If their school hasn’t provided any practice tests, you can get them on Pretest Plus

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Teach Your Child About Failure

Failure does not need to be a bad thing and is how we all learn and grow as a person. This is the case at school and in life too. The earlier your child knows that failure is a part of growing, the less likely they will get frustrated or give up at the first sign of failure. You have to teach your child the resilience needed to get back up and try again. One great way to teach them this is to play chess. 

While many games you may play with your children are games of chance, chess requires logic, concentration, and resilience, which are amazing transferable skills for the classroom. Also, talk to your child about failures you have overcome in your life. While praise is important, try not to overpraise, as when your child does fail, they won’t understand why if they are “so smart and brilliant.” 

Let Your Child Follow Their Passion

We all had a subject in school that we loved or one that we were good at. If you love doing something, you are more likely to have fun doing it and get good grades. If your child has a particular passion, make sure to hone in on this and encourage them to go with their passion. Other subjects shouldn’t be overlooked, but it is important to encourage your child to do what they love. If you constantly push the subjects they aren’t good at or don’t enjoy, they are likely to get bored and frustrated with learning. This is even better if you can find a way to bring their passion into different subjects to help them learn.

Make Subjects Feel Relevant 

Often children will come home and wonder when they are ever going to use what they’ve just been taught. If you can make their subjects feel relevant, they are more likely to learn and enjoy doing it with you. For instance, if you are serving dinner, ask them to count how many plates they need or teach them how to measure things.  

Every child is different, and only you know what works best for your child. Following some of these examples can guide you in helping your kids succeed in school. 

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