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Healthiest Options to Smoking Cannabis

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Today, the medicinal benefits of cannabis are widely accepted. Medical communities in various nations have accepted that cannabis provides real value to all kinds of patients.  Many states in America have legalized or decriminalized marijuana completely. Though many states have legalized marijuana, not all states have. The legalization or decriminalization of marijuana is on the rise in many states, including South Dakota. If you’re interested in acquiring your medical marijuana card in South Dakota and several other states, see how expert doctors from Green Health Docs can help make this process completely simple.

Of course, medical marijuana is nothing new. Humans have been aware of its medicinal benefits for centuries and the different options of its use. With all that said, many people out there might be reluctant to try it because they’re worried about the negative effects of smoking cannabis.  If you still like to smoke, you can find a high-quality piece to use for your use at Best Stoner Gifts.

Smoking is harmful because it involves combustion. When you burn plant matter, you break chemical bonds between carbon atoms. This, in turn, creates free radicals. Among the many byproducts of smoking are things like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, otherwise known simply as PAHs. These byproducts are highly toxic, and numerous studies have linked them to an increased risk of cancer. 

While it’s true that smoking cannabis probably isn’t the best for your overall health, this is hardly the only way to experience the positive effects of marijuana. Fortunately, there is no shortage of different options for using marijuana. These include marijuana edibles, vaporizing, sublingual, tinctures, topicals, and suppositories. Choose any of these methods, and you can avoid the potential negative effects of smoking. But which of these methods is the best overall choice? Here are our top picks:

1. Edibles

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As the name suggests, edibles are marijuana products that can be consumed in the same way as food. Many companies now sell food grade nylon filter bags to contain cannabis products, so that the products available to buy online can be kept fresh and safe. An edible is one of the best options for a health-conscious patient who wants to try medical marijuana. When you consume edibles, the marijuana is metabolized by the liver. This allows the medicine to cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver a stronger, more intense dosage. The effects of THC edibles tend to last much longer than if you were to smoke or vaporize your medicine. These factors make edibles an ideal choice for any patient that needs strong, long-lasting pain relief. 

Of course, you don’t need to “get high” to experience the benefits of marijuana edibles. CBD edibles do not contain THC, which is the psychoactive component of marijuana. Consuming CBD alone is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the health benefits of CBD, especially for mental health and nerve-related issues. CBD also provides excellent pain relief on its own. 

Today, there’s no shortage of various edible products. While you might be familiar with “weed brownies” from That 70s Show, you can make virtually any type of food imaginable with marijuana. This includes cookies, candies, butter, teas, and many other options. Sublingual also falls under the general category of edibles. These are dissolvable tablets or films that you place under the tongue. Unlike normal edibles, you don’t actually swallow sublingually, and they are absorbed incredibly quickly so that you feel the effects much faster. 

2. Tinctures

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A tincture represents another solid option for anyone who wants to avoid smoking. These are alcohol-based cannabis extracts, and you only need a few drops to feel the full effects. It is sold in small dropper bottles, and tinctures can be mixed with drinks or consumed directly. Whether you choose full-strength cannabis tinctures, or tinctures infused with delta 8 THC, or CBD, all you need to do is put a few drops on your tongue and wait for the effects to kick in. Before medical marijuana became legal in many US states, tinctures were probably the most popular form of cannabis for patients. 

After the legal stance towards marijuana changed, tinctures have been overtaken in popularity by edibles. These days, many people prefer the taste and novelty of marijuana edibles, although tinctures definitely have their unique benefits. Compared to eating a cannabis cookie, you’ll feel the effects of a tincture faster. They’re also very discreet, as you can quickly drop a few doses on your tongue without anyone asking questions. Finally, tinctures are low in calories, which might be a good option if you’ve been eating too many weed brownies!

3. Topicals

Topics are another strong choice for health-conscious medical marijuana patients. A topical is a type of cannabis product that you put directly on your skin. They take the form of creams, oils, balms, and other skin products that you might otherwise find at your local cosmetics store. The obvious benefit of topicals is that you can control exactly where the medicine is administered. If you’re struggling with a sore knee or back, you can rub the topical cream or balm directly on the affected areas. This will provide you with a more concentrated dose rather than a general effect on your entire body. 

Topicals can contain a wide range of different marijuana-related chemicals, including THC, CBD, TCHA, and terpenes. The cool thing about topicals is that they may also include other non-marijuana ingredients, such as essential oils, plant extracts, herbs, and much more. These additional ingredients can combine with cannabis to provide you with all kinds of amazing benefits. In addition to helping with pain relief and other aspects of your body, topicals can be amazing for your skin. 

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Another thing you might want to consider about topicals is that they do not enter the bloodstream. Because of this, they’ll generally fail to produce any psychoactive effects – even though they might contain THC. Instead, topicals target and stimulate CB2 receptors in your body. This makes them an incredible solution for conditions such as arthritis. The only exception is a trans-dermal patch, which does penetrate the bloodstream and can create psychoactive effects. Topicals are probably the rarest form of cannabis-related product right now, as the market is still developing. That being said, they are proving to be quite popular. 

Final Thoughts

If you believe that marijuana can help you with your health issues, don’t let anything get in the way of your treatment. Smoking can be harmful, but there are so many other options when it comes to consuming marijuana. These days, the medical marijuana industry is working hard to bring you the safest, healthiest options for your medicine. Several respected brands have emerged, and this is no longer a fringe movement. Choose any one of these options for taking medical marijuana, and you can experience the health benefits without having to deal with any negative consequences associated with smoking. 

Featured Photo by Margo Amala on Unsplash

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