Home Advice Getting Expensive Gifts Does Not Have to Be Expensive

Getting Expensive Gifts Does Not Have to Be Expensive

Getting Expensive Gifts Does Not Have to Be Expensive

Getting gifts is a big part of our culture, and that’s not exactly about to change any time in the foreseeable future.

We are all brought up being told that “it’s the thought that counts” and while this is still to some extent true, we want our gifts to have a strong impact on the recipient. This is especially true in the case of big occasions like birthdays, Christmas, and the like, and with people with whom we are very close.

Stretching The Budget:

Of course, no one on Earth has an unlimited budget! And sometimes we have to spread those meager funds over multiple gifts, all of them equally important. This is when we have to resort to hacking life and using our intelligence to get the best deals on stuff and stretch our dollars to cover all the bases.

From shopping at an online wholesale jewelry store for anything for a little trinket right up to that elegant engagement ring, to sniffing out coupons (both brick and mortar and virtual), to taking advantage of big promotions at stores (once again both in the real world and online), there are a plethora of things you can do to keep your budget down and still meet your goal of providing people with fine and head-turning gifts.

Outside The Box:

If you want to really make a dollar out of a few coins, as the saying goes, you have to get creative at times. Don’t be afraid to shop in places you may not have thought of before. One success story about an expensive gift goes as follows: the savvy shopper was passing through New York City and wanted to get something nice for his girlfriend back home. He went to the South Bronx and was looking at what street vendors had to offer. They had a perfectly good bottle of ORIGINAL Chanel No. 5 for sale for a mere $20 simply because the box it came in had water damage. He bought the perfume and went to a department store and paid another $5 to have it wrapped up elegantly and voila! According to the legend, the girl was so impressed by the actual perfume she didn’t even notice the lack of the original box!

The Moral:

Use your creativity to make up for your lack of funds, and you will have success every time.



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