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How to get the best Natural Flea and Tick control for Man’s best friend

Hello Guys, Indeed Dog’s are truly a man’s best friend. They are the only animals that we would have side by side when dealing in a combat situation. You see their undying loyalty in everything they do. We as dog lovers want to make sure they have the best.  I found a great Natural Flea and Tick control for my dog.

Mis-understood sometimes. Yes, but when alone, you are glad to know that, at least, you and your dog can go for that silent walk! Not trying to sound like John and Ted, the bear! But yes, they are true companions! We take care of them, you see them itch. You noticed a tick problem. You pick one of the available commercial sprays. Yes, it smells strong. It can’t hurt. Right? Wrong!

Life truly keeps us busy! No one has time. It’s like a whirl wheel. You are on that ride. It suddenly stops. And then you look at the diagnosis. Why I’m I suddenly sick? What could have gone wrong?

The skin is the biggest absorber of chemicals and is the largest organ of the body. It is the pathway by which chemicals can enter into the body. We come in contact with these chemicals inside our homes, when our big old dog comes for that big sloppy lick even days after the treatment has being applied. They still linger. A silent killer, we are not aware of the damage that happens on a molecular level from the constant exposure to these chemicals until it is too late.

Many flea and tick products contain poisonous chemicals that not only disrupt the lives of your pets but also slips into our lives. It’s like one of those commercials where you buy it to take care of one issue but it comes with a thousand side effects.

Even though the EPA banned several toxic chemicals for use as pesticides, this ban did not fully cover the use of some toxic flea and tick chemical pesticides particularly in pet products.

This is an important issue because these toxic chemicals have been associated with an increased incidence of irreversible and detrimental effects on both human, pet health and the environment. They have caused cancer, hormonal disrupting effects, neurological and reproductive damages, increased asthma and chronic bronchitis cases, caused neurological and reproductive damages, and even linked to hormonal interaction with estrogen leading to elevated increase in breast cancer among women.

Yes, certain natural products take more efforts than others but still work as effectively in several situations. Poisoning ourselves slowly is definitely not the solution. Here are several items to pay attention to when buying flea and tick products and their alternatives:


  • Pyrethroid and pyrethrin – Some of these toxic chemicals found in sprays, shampoos, collars include Etofenprox, flumetrin, prallethrin, fipronil, tetrametrin and permetrin. It is even noted that some products contain permethrin level as high as 40% and more as active ingredient in the yard spray concentrated form. Reported incidences related to vomiting, seizures and even death have occurred from exposure to these chemicals. For humans, they also affect thyroid hormones, cause increased asthmatic incidences, headaches, itching, swelling and other serious health issues. 1
  • Piperonyl Butoxide –  This is not a pesticide by itself but is usually used to enhance the potency of pyrethoid. It has also being classified as a possible carcinogen and retards neurological development.1 It is also used in combination with other toxic chemicals in flea and tick sprays.
  • Tetrachlorovinphos – Just when we thought that was all, there’s the tetrachlorvinphos from the organophospate family. This not only disrupts the nervous system, hormonal and brain development for young children but is also an identified carcinogen. Poisoning symptoms include convulsion, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, death and breathing issues. 1
  • N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicaboximide (MGK-264) – It is classified as a possible carcinogen and skin and eye irritant and used in flea and tick sprays and shampoos. 1


  • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the surrounding areas from your lawn-curb transition. These prevents those pesky bugs from jumping from your lawn to the curb edge. Diatomaceous earth is a natural nontoxic option for eliminating fleas and tick
  • Use Natural repellent spray such as cedar wood, lemongrass, peppermint, geranium or rosemary. It is also very important to pay attention to the type of essential oil being used for your pet. Midoricide natural product carries high grade, natural, organic and excellent flea and tick products with essential oils classified based on type of pet.
  • Use dry shampoo repellent mousse and ensure to look for those with natural and organic essential oils, this will provide an additional protective repellency and mild cleansing for your pet.
  • Don’t rely on only flea and tick shampoo as your only source of repellent and prevention, always apply topical applications of natural repellent onto your pet for added protection.


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