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Fishing Goes Mobile: Today’s Top Apps to Help You Cast Your Best Line and Hook

Many areas of outdoor activities has been either enhanced or invaded by some kind of technological advance. Fishing is no exception. If you’re looking for a day outside, fishermen are in for a whole new experience by unlocking the power of their smartphones.

Take it right out of your pocket and you’ll be able to do a lot more than just your old eyes or fishing equipment. Technology cannot only help us catch fish, but document it and find the swimming creatures. Fishing apps have become an important part of any fishermen’s tool kit.

Documenting the Experience

Our first app is a simple one everyone is going to need out fishing, for both beginners and veterans. A weather application from Apalon Apps is going to get you right where you need to be. Outside in the water, many fisherman know how important the weather and rain can be for getting a successful catch or going home with nothing. You can see a detailed forecast for your favorite area, or check out some other area’s weather if you’re the traveling type.

The Fishidy app allows for its users to use many features that can record their catches and create a database about their fishing time on the water. You’ll be able to share them with your other angler friends and share real time locations where you got your catch. It also allows you access many tips from the professionals and see other people’s catches where you can compare and contrast the catch.

It helps you catch more fish by using the map based network that you can track other areas and use their pattern recognizing to catch more fish in the future. It’s also a great history tool to remember what you caught and compares with it your most recent fishing trip.


Taking it Up a Notch

Pro Angler is another app that is designed for the most battle hardened veteran fisherman out there. It contains information on hundreds of different fish species and tips from the professionals. It will have guided location based helpful tips to help you out with updates on a weekly basis to see what fish are being caught. There is also a GPS guide integrated inside it so you can find other locations or even fishing shops.

Want to cook your catch? There are recipes all throughout the app that will show you how to cook something up with that day’s catch. All of these features can assist you with instructions and guidance to get the best catch of the day.

Finally another important app to look into is the GoFree Hooked app. It is another more precise app that will detail your exact location on where a fish was caught. You also have another place to store pictures of your catch and then share it on other platforms of social media to friends and family. You’ll have an analytical tool at your disposal with your phone; all of these apps assist you during a trip.

A guest post by Ewan Brevis. Ewan is a keen fisherman who enjoys time away from the city and a hectic lifestyle as he relaxes on the water. He shares some of his fishing tips online.

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