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How You Can Change Your Financial Situation

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How You Can Change Your Financial Situation

Most of the time, the current financial situation we find ourselves in is a comfort zone where we manage to survive without really suffering, and yet still never seem to have enough for the things in life we truly desire. It is in this area in life where we are not really willing to give up anything that we have achieved or created so far, yet we desire to have some kind of security. A security that guarantees that things can only get better, but never worse. So how can you change your financial situation.

Monthly Budget
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Others may have so many problems to deal with that they would not even consider a change in their financial situation. The list of justifications and reasons why a change of one’s financial situation is simply impossible ranges from “family matters” to “lack of education,” or simply “not fortunate enough.”

But no matter how stuck or desperate you are, and no matter how your current situation looks, there are ways to change it, and there are possibilities for everyone to have it.

1.  Do you enjoy what you are doing?

The most important thing to start with if you want to change your financial situation is to consider your level of fun or enjoyment. We do not live our lives to suffer or have a hard time; we live to enjoy life. In 2019 we all benefit from the fact that we are free, that we have a choice, and that technology is so advanced that everything seems to be possible. We all can use this to our advantage and go further than ever before. If we do something that we truly enjoy, we won’t consider it work, and we will enjoy it and want more of it. And that’s all it takes: by doing what we truly enjoy, we are constantly creating more. Fun and joy in what we are doing is the number one booster for our financial situation: it cannot not change!

It does not mean that you leave your current job right away or make massive changes. You can start with little baby steps to explore this new concept and see how it works: add something that is fun to your current job; analyze your job and write a list of what you truly enjoy and what areas are less gratifying for you – then just do more of the enjoyable part, and see where this takes you. And for the “no fun” part, find a way to delegate or ask someone for help.

2.  Jumping off the cliff

The second important commitment you need to make to yourself is the willingness to do whatever it takes. Change can sometimes be very uncomfortable, of course: it is designed to take you beyond your comfort zone! So, do not give in to fear or panic: Going through the “uncomfortable” parts is really all part of the game. Sometimes it might be very difficult to say no, and sometimes you might not have an idea of how things will really turn out in the long run: but leaving your comfort zone is jumping off the cliff. Starting a new project, changing your job, or just starting to charge more for your services requires that one action that only you can take to get it rolling. And it is only you who can take it. If you truly want a new financial reality, you have to go for it—if you wait for others to do it, you will wait forever. There is one tool that will help you enjoy it and knowing that you will spread your wings and fly instead of crashing on the floor: ask yourself the magic question before each financial decision. “Will this create more in my future?” Your intuition will respond immediately. You might lighten up and start smiling, or your stomach will contract, and you feel uncomfortable. The most important part of this is that you follow the very first impulse, the one you sense before you go to your head and start thinking. Our intuition is way more intelligent than out thinking, so bypass your brain and follow your intuition and you will see that your life will change faster than you have ever imagined.

3.  Stop following—start leading your life.

Change Your Financial Situation
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When soliciting help keep it to the professionals, your friends and families opinion may not be sound advice. Changing your financial situation is not only working more or changing your job; it is making a commitment to yourself to choose what works for you and do it no matter what. If you ask others for their opinion, you will only distract yourself from what you know and what you want to create as your future. It is your life, it is your creation, and only you can know what works for you. Most of the time, people enjoy being acknowledged and avoid being criticized. Their decisions and situations are driven by balancing out their choices with possible reactions of their friends and families while trying to avoid failure and making sure they only make the right choices. How can this ever truly change your situation? The maximum result will be a slightly bigger comfort zone. For those of you who desire real change, a different way of looking at your life is available: You cannot make a mistake, and you cannot fail! You can only make a choice and change things that you desire to change, and as soon as it turns out that all of this was not really taking you where you want to go, you make a different choice and change it again – and again – and again. There is no stop; there is no back; there is only one direction: forward! And for all of those who do not see an immediate result in cash, be reminded that your life is not over yet and that the executive summary comes at the end – not in-between.

4.  Start honoring money

Changing your financial situation also requires you to look at the relationship you have with money. Do you hate it, do you love it or do you hate not having enough of it? Most people do not even have a relationship with money because it is artificial and not alive. And this is where you can start. I you want to change your current financial situation, then start honoring money and start building your personal honoring account. Put 10% of every dollar you make apart and put it into your personal honoring account and keep it there. The honoring account is not for spending. It is to honor you. So never spend it—just have it. Why would this change your financial situation? Well, there are three reasons: First of all, you start to notice how much money you really make. Secondly, once you start this account, you want to see it growing, and it will guide you in creating new income streams and jumping over the cliff. And last but not least, you will start getting used to just having money. Many are struggling just to make enough money to pay their bills because we never learn or train ourselves just to have money. And just having money and enjoying it is maybe the biggest change in your financial situation you will have.

There is no need to put yourself under pressure when changing your financial situation; no one said you had to accomplish everything at once. The most important is to take the first step and start somewhere. And remember, also changing your financial situation should be enjoyable for you, so don’t stress yourself. You just completed the first step of the change: you finished reading this article! And now enjoy the rest and keep going!

Dr KubesDr. David Kubes, an international lawyer, specializing in finance and project management. In 2006 he opened his own boutique law firm Kubes Passeyrer Attorneys at Law. A savvy entrepreneur, he owns several companies, including an import-export company in Cuba, an Art Gallery in Vienna, and his own real estate development company in Vienna. Kubes is fluent in German, English, Spanish, and French and is an avid world traveler. He is a European-licensed coach and alternative dispute resolution practitioner and heads an international coaching and consulting company. He is a certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness® special programs, including Wealth Creators Anonymous and Right Voice for You. Follow David.