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Sell Bitcoin (BTC) to Visa and MasterCard euro card

Sell Bitcoin (BTC) to Visa and MasterCard euro card
Image by Alina Kuptsova from Pixabay

Many people started buying Bitcoin after the price soared above $20,000 in 2017, hoping to make money from it. The demand for withdrawing Monobank to a card is explained by the fact that it represents a completely new vision of the banking system. Thus, due to the popularity of both systems over the past couple of years, the relevance of exchanging funds between them is gradually increasing. To sell Bitcoin (BTC) to Visa and MasterCard euro card you can use this type of service.

Advantages of Bitcoin cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency has long been in first place in popularity and capitalization, and so far, no other has been able to dislodge it from its dominant position. And this is all thanks to its main advantages:

To start working with the system, you don’t need anything except access to the Internet; creating a wallet yourself is not difficult;

  • has open source code, but users remain anonymous; that is, you can see all completed transactions, but it is impossible to find out who made them and transferred them to whom;
  • protocols work on a peer-to-peer system, so nothing can interfere with the operation;
  • for most transactions, there is no commission, or only a small amount may be charged for technically large transfers that load the network or, conversely, very small ones that contribute to spam on the network;
  • the ability to make international transfers without increasing the commission because no one will be able to track the transaction, no matter where in the world you send the coins;
  • many resources accept bitcoins for payment.

Basically, you can earn money on Bitcoin through transfers. Using a currency converter like this list, you can determine which currency is best to exchange with to get the maximum benefit. Sometimes, a double or triple exchange with intermediate transfers to third-party currencies is a more profitable solution than a direct exchange between two specific directions.

Advantages of opening a credit card

As mentioned earlier, the bank forces us to take a fresh look at the banking system. Although many are afraid of such unusual innovations, it is worth getting a Credit Card EUR for the following reasons:

  • free account opening, maintenance, and card reissue. In this case, all procedures are carried out through a mobile application, and a courier delivers the card or can be picked up at one of the issuing points;
  • complete absence of commissions when paying for utilities, mobile communications, and goods in retail outlets, online, and stationary stores;
  • instant transfers;
  • prompt support in all popular instant messengers;
  • The grace period for the loan is up to 62 days;
  • the ability to quickly make a deposit with attractive interest rates;
  • a nice bonus in the form of monthly cashback on categories of goods and services that you can select at the beginning of each month.

Thus, the bank is an excellent option for storing and managing funds in euro. Considering that you can pay with bitcoins only in a few places, while you can pay with a credit card anywhere, you need to know how to transfer funds from a crypto wallet.

Fast and secure withdrawal of Bitcoin to bank card

The disadvantage of Bitcoin, expressed in its high volatility (that is, sharp jumps in value), leads to the need to withdraw funds on time to make money on this cryptocurrency, and this must be done in a minimum time. The fastest way to transfer is through online exchangers using monitoring of cryptocurrency e-exchangers on https://www.bestchange.com/. The process of searching for a reliable and profitable service where you can withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) to a bank card can be significantly accelerated by choosing the optimal one from the ready-made list presented on the page https://www.bestchange.com/wiki/article-bitcoin-halving-2024.html. This resource offers exclusively safe, thoroughly tested exchange offices. Users only need to consider the minimum and maximum transfer amount and select the most favorable rate.