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College Student Discounts: Where to Find and Use Them

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This year has been tough on students worldwide, with uncertainties about their academic futures, restricted movements, and financial woes making life difficult. Currently, more than 13 million college students are stressed about their financial futures due to the pandemic. Amid economic uncertainty and rising student debt, most college students are looking for creative ways to afford life on campus. This is where student discounts come in handy to keep costs down. 

Whether you want to decorate your dorm room, order admission essay service, buy books for coursework, or upgrade your laptop, shopping for school can be frustrating. Creating a budget helps, but you may still find yourself short of cash to spend on essential items. This is where student discounts become crucial. They allow learners to buy the things they need without hurting their pockets. This article summarizes some of the best student discounts and where to find them. 

Travel Discount for College Students 

Student life can be frustrating, and going on a trip allows one to destress and unwind. Whether it is taking the weekend off to visit a friend in a different country or going overseas, traveling can be one of the most memorable things to do as a student. When in college, you have more time to explore the world than you realize. 

Travelling is fun, but that is not the only reason students should consider making trips to new places. Remember to have an MBA essay help your assignment to ensure you keep up with deadlines as you travel. Other than the chance to enjoy yourself, traveling also allows you to:

  • Observe new places and experience different cultures;
  • Enhance gratitude;
  • Practice a foreign language through immersion;
  • Create unique memories;
  • Make friends and network;
  • Develops skills and improves employability. 

So, no doubt, traveling as a college student comes with tons of benefits. The only challenge you may face is in terms of ticket prices. However, the good news is that traveling as a student does not have to be too costly. Here are some fantastic student discounts to benefit from as you travel. 

Amtrak Student Discounts 

One of the best deals you will ever get in terms of student travel discounts is offered by Amtrak. Students aged 17 and 24 can access facilities that save 15% on purchases as long as the booking is made one day in advance. Amtrak discounts enable students to enjoy visiting their dream destinations on a budget for those who want to explore their adventurous side. 

Whether you choose to backpack across the United States or you want to take a trip home to be with your loved ones, this deal allows you to get the most value for your money during travels. The bottom line is that Amtrak will enable students to travel by train, saving hundreds of dollars by using the train instead of flying to their destinations.

CheapOair Student Travel

This is one of the many online booking platforms that allow students to access amazing deals when booking flights, cruises, and hotels. The website has sections that would enable students to access discounts from 10%, allowing users to find the best vacation packages. 

So, whether you are a student taking a gap year to travel the world or want to study overseas, CheapOair may be one way to save hundreds of dollars. Here, students can access promo codes that include discounts on the cost of a flight or the service fees. 

Student Universe 

Another platform that offers incredible student travel discounts is Student Universe. It provides access to hotels, flights, and tours to students aged below 26 years. On the platform, students can access hundreds of airlines around the world. 

The only drawback is that one has to register for membership to access the exclusive discounts on offer. Fortunately, there is no fee charged for membership. The Student Universe platform uses a referral program and generous promo codes to make traveling affordable for college students. 

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Amazing Discounts on Electronics

According to research, about 60% of college students purchase a new electronic gadget at least once during their time on campus. However, the costs of getting electronics are often relatively high and can strain a student’s overall budget. An average college student spends about $203 annually on technological gadgets. 

As a student, you shouldn’t splurge on electronics unnecessarily. College is already expensive as it is. The good news is that there are some amazing discount offers that students can use to make buying electronics less expensive. Here are a few notable ones:

Apple Student Discounts 

Are you looking for ways to make serious savings while getting the best gadgets? As a student working with a tight budget, getting quality Apple products may seem out of your price range. Here is the good news — the Apple company has some fantastic deals that allow students to buy top-range products at friendly prices. 

Not only do students get amazing discounts, but there are also freebies thrown in to sweeten deals. Go ahead, benefit from Apple deals and get a free pair of Airpods. Students with Apple Card can get 3% cashback on all purchases made. 

Best Buy Discounts

If you are in college and would like to buy electronics, the amazing Best Buy student discounts are ideal for you. The retailer allows students to purchase gadgets while saving money on a range of products. The website runs different types of deals exclusive to students around the year. 

The savings can be substantial and allow students to access the resources they need to make their campus life comfortable. On the website, students can get deals on produces like wireless headphones, laptops, and tablets. Remember that, for the student discount, you may be asked to provide additional details when signing up, such as the name of your school and some further proof of your student status. 

Other websites that offer incredible savings for students when buying electronics include:

  • Hewlett-Packard electronics — Students get discounts up to 35% when they register for the Education Store;
  • Logitech — Students have a chance to make savings of up to 25% on their purchases;
  • Lenovo — Has student discounts ranging from 10% on electronic gadgets;
  • Microsoft — Students can access deals from 10% on selected products. 

Student Discounts on Software

The digitization of learning in colleges means that students cannot thrive without updates and high-functioning software. Students use software for research, communication, and to work on assignments. It makes the studying process more accessible and effective and helps learners locate whatever they need on time. 

Along with your personal computer, student software can be costly. This is primarily the case for students who pursue design, art, photography, or marketing courses. Fortunately, most providers have measures to make their prices student-friendly. 

Even with the discounts, student software can sometimes be more expensive than its cheaper counterparts. Here are some options to help you save when buying student software. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe creative cloud is a set of services and applications from Adobe Inc., which give subscribers a chance to access various software ideal for video editing, graphics design, website development, and photography. The cloud also allows students to use a host of mobile applications to make learning easier. It will enable students to get amazing discounts of up to 65%.

Adobe Creative Cloud
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Amazon Prime for Students 

Amazon prime student is a cheaper version of Amazon prime, created to cater to the needs of college students specifically. It allows learners to use free 2-day shipping and a host of other excellent services specific to the Amazon platform. All this is provided at half the cost that one would have to pay for the traditional Amazon Prime. With membership, students can access the platform free for the first six months. 

Evernote Student Discounts

Evernote is a powerful note-taking application, which allows students to manage tasks easily and perform speedy archiving. The application comes with a layout and similar features across platforms, designed to facilitate ease of use and navigation. The good news for students is that Evernote comes with a fantastic discount of up to 50% for an entire year. 

Where to Get the Best Discounts and Offers 

Being a college student is a special time, but limited finances can sometimes get in the way of having fun. This article summarizes some of the best discounts to consider as a college student. There are many other unique offers to consider. Make sure to get the best deal. Most importantly, start a saving habit as soon as possible to prepare for emergencies and fun. 

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