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Anonymous Group Threatened Elon Musk for Influencing the Value of Bitcoin From His Twitter Handle!

Anonymous Group Threatened Elon Musk for Influencing the Value of Bitcoin from His Twitter Handle!
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Bitcoin is a decentralized digitalized subject with no rules of government authorities and guidelines of the national bank. Unlike fiat and traditional cryptocurrency, the authorization progression of bitcoin is not at all supervised by the financial powers of any country. Regardless of the political freedom rendered by the bitcoin complex, the value of bitcoin is highly influenced by the statement of renowned personalities alongside the protocols of government authorities subjected directly or indirectly to bitcoin. 

The fact might surprise that the co-founder of tesla motors, alongside the space x organization, gets threatened by an anonymous hacker group for manipulating the value of bitcoin from his Twitter account. You can check out authentic forums at http://profit-edge.com/ for availing of the maximized outcomes in your bitcoin journey. Below mentioned is everything you need to know about the threatening video of the hacker group for Elon Musk. 

Bannon released the video!

The video was trending on Twitter, social media platforms subsequently to two days of the release. The video acquired a milestone of 2 million viewers in just two days. However, the video was not released by the utmost famous anonymous collective named youranonnews, as the group utterly refused to post a threatening video regarding such a famous personality.

Subsequently, to the declination from youranonnews group, the video was released on a Twitter handle with an average engagement and followers of 15k. After the video’s release, the most famous group of hackers and anonymous, cleared that the collective does not handle the account on which the video is posted. The social media group is subjected to a user base of more than 5 million.

Tweet of group 

The anonymous tweet clearly stated that the hacking group is devastated by Elon Musk’s manipulation through his Twitter handle account. Musk’s tweets have nearly destroyed the value of the crypto industry alongside crypto investors’ hard-earned money. You might be wondering how Elon Musk influenced the price of bitcoin so that it damaged the livelihood of ordinary people. Conferring the reports of market analysts, ample crypto investors were willing to embrace the quality of their life based on crypto gains they were going to acquire in the scenario of bitcoin increment.

The anonymous group of hacking collective did hit Elon Musk below the belt in the video. The tweet demonstrated that Musk is not familiar with the hard work it takes to sustain their basic needs. The tweet of Elon Musk did seriously affect the price of bitcoin at the foremost events of this year. Elon Musk tweeted that tesla motors have invested a gigantic buck of 2.5 billion dollars in bitcoin. Later he correspondingly tweeted that tesla motors are now all set to accept bitcoin as a payment method. 

Together with invest in bitcoin, these two tweets exceedingly inclined the value of bitcoin, and the value of bitcoin was at $65,000 in April. However, later the announcement of a taxation plan in the United States declined the value of bitcoin; at its downfall, bitcoin headed up to the restoration in a nominal time range. However, bitcoin could utterly restore itself to the maximum price bitcoin reached in April. Elon Musk shocked everyone with his tweet.

Elon Musk’s tweet of suspending bitcoin as a payment method in tesla motors has already declined the value of bitcoin. Elon Musk stated that bitcoin is an optimistic future, and the organization is highly affection towards bitcoin. Still, the bitcoin mining progression is consuming an exceeding extent of power in recent times. Fossil fuel consumed has led to coal emission, which is the worst emission for the environmental aspects. 

The price of bitcoin declined the value of bitcoin by 19%; all the more, it has declined the price of ethereum at the same time. The latest move of china on banning cryptocurrency has added gas to the flame, which leads to a bloodbath in the crypto industry. The bloodbath of the cryptocurrency industry adversely affected the value of bitcoin, and almost 1 trillion units were wiped out of the system. 

Featured Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

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