Job interviews can be one of the most nerve racking and intimidating processes we can go through. We can suffer high levels of anxiety leading up to an important interview and the whole process can leave us feeling powerless and exhausted afterwards. There are steps that we can take, however, that can help reduce these feeling of pre-interview anxiety and have us feeling in-control and powerful in the lead up to and the interview itself and the tips below show you how.

Preparation & Research

Preparing yourself mentally before an interview is key to enable you to arrive on the day feeling confident and incontrol. Before any big interview you want to go through your relevant work experience, qualifications, past successes and anything that is going to make you stand out from the crowd. Making sure you are carefully matching your skills and experience with the job specification you are applying for, means you are making yourself relevant, and ultimately hirable. So having all of this pre-planned before the big day will give you that boost of confidence on the day that you are prepared and ready to go.

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We all know how important in-depth research of a company is before we have an interview. There is no bigger fail in an interview than blinking back with an empty expression when asked what we know about the firm we are wanting to work for. So make sure you have done your research and can confidently express why you admire the company and therefore why you feel you are the best match for their business.

It also pays to research any recent successes the company has enjoyed so you can congratulate the person that’s interviewing you. You can even use golden information like this as small talk fodder for the walk out, after the interview, to really seal the deal and show that you really know your stuff.


When we look good, we feel good and that is never more true than when we have a job interview. If we look the part then we also feel the part, so a smart and professional appearance is a must. Wearing a sharp suit, giving yourself a close shave, shining up your shoes and wearing a powerfully masculine cologne like, Laef by Bolvaint, will have you strutting confidently into that reception area and have you feeling like you’re the best person for the job.

Body Language

In the interview itself, it pays to understand the simple body language that we give off and the impression that our bodies gestures give to interviewers. A firm handshake to start the interview shows that you are assertive and confident. Sitting up right and neatly in your chair and nodding attentively with an engaged and interested, smiley demeanor will show you as professional, astute, earnest and that you are grateful for the opportunity to be there. Using your hands and arms to describe who you are and your past experiences will show that you are passionate and driven, but be careful not to overdo this.

All of the above will have you feeling positive, powerful and in-control in any interview you may face. This winning combination will mean you are prepared, professional and in a powerful position to bag that dream job.


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