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Wine and Sprit Review Episode 3 (Shady RECOUNT 2020 Vodka)

Shady Vodka

Shady VodkaTopic: limited edition (81 proof) Vodka that will embrace 2020 for which will forever be known as a SHADY YEAR.

SHADY Recount 2020 is a 7 times distilled 100% corn vodka and is very smooth.  I typically don’t like my Vodka neat but this one is so smooth I really enjoyed sipping it.

Using both old world and new world techniques, this Distillery prides itself on not cutting corners or mass producing its products while making every drop count. Its namesake and interior theme are inspired by Florida’s long history of controversy and suspect events. The Distillery will be creating craft spirits inspired by these shady moments in time.

Shady Vodka Recount 2020 (81 proof)

Appearance: Clear.

Aroma: Peppery, with a hefty mineral cast. Slightly sweet and herbal.

Taste: Sweet entry, with a creamy marshmallow flavor. Almost buttery and round in mouthfeel.

Finish: Bright, peppery notes lead the fade out.

Overall: This Vodka is really smooth with a slightly sweet taste, which makes it excellent for sipping, and a little rough around the edges, but it has some character which is very smooth and easy drinking. 

Nutella Martini

Nutella Martini

A great fun Martini when you have a sweet tooth.
Prep Time5 minutes
Course: Drinks
Servings: 2 people
Cost: $5


  • Shaker


  • 1 tbsp Nutella
  • 2 shots Shady Vodka


  • Place Ice in a shaker, 1 tbsp of Nutella, and 2 shots of Vodka. Cover shaker and vigorously shake. Pour and have fun.