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Men’s Style Steals for Spring 2015

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Spring is the perfect time to pique your street style radar with vibrant color pairing and accessories. Spring 2015 is all about get the blood pumping with bold colors, patterns and prints. Stripes, for example, are expected to become dominant in both formal and casual menswear during spring and summer 2015.

In this post we will explore 11 style steals for men to look classic this spring but before that let’s see the popular trends this season.


From Jonathan Saunders to Emporio Armani, stripes are expected to be big news for men’s fashion wear this season. You can include them in both tailored staples such as formal shirts and trousers and in casual jumpers and accessories. When it comes to stripes it is important to consider your overall size and shape. For instance, large and heavy men should avoid horizontal stripes as they make you look wider; vertical stripes, on the other hand, give an illusion of height.

Double Denim

Denim-clad men never fail to evoke a wanton desire in the opposite sex. Besides, they are designers’ favorite. This year too brands like Gucci and Tom Ford are likely to celebrate this versatile fabric for spring 2015. The trick is to invest in a quality selvedge or raw denim, preferably from specialist labels like Levi’s, A.P.C., and Nudie.


White as well as off-white shades such as beige, cream and ivory rules the spring collection of designers like Alexander McQueen and Christopher Shannon. These shades are just the thing for the warmer months. Now, head-to-toe brilliant white is indeed a more ambitious look and will hardly work for men with fairer skin tone. Off-white, cream and beige are more doable shades and the best way to incorporate them is in your formal wear.


This trend is seeing a slow but steady increase in menswear over the past few years. For a contemporary gent, florals provide a great to stand out in the crowd. Even high-end fashion houses like Givenchy are offering their takes on this pattern.

Combining Green with Blue

There was a time when wearing blue and green together was a fashion faux pas. But for this season, it’s a match made in heaven. Fashion houses like Pringle of Scotland, Baartmans & Siegel, Hackett and Gieves & Hawkes were seen combining blue and green pieces for their spring and summer 2015 collections.

Style for Men - Men's Style Steals for Spring 2015
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Now that we know the popular fashion trend for this season, let’s see how men can incorporate the styles in their daily wear with these amazing style steals.

Style Steal 1: Combine thicker block-stripes/bold coloured motifs like a classic Breton top with striped tailor-made suit, trousers (shorts for more relaxed look), knitwear and loafers. For more evening-appropriate attire, combine slim pinstripe trousers with a white dress, shirt navy two-button blazer and monk-straps. You can also combine your striped tailored suit with other patterns like check prints, polka-dots, and even floral prints.

However, the price of bespoke suits is usually high, making them out of reach for many buyers. But tailored items are must to pull off the look properly. There are online retailers like OWNONLY offering tailor-made suits, blazers and shirts for men at affordable rates. Their online tailored measurement process and team of designers ensure that the pattern making and printing are made according to the specific measurements of each customer.

Style Steal 2: To steal the casual, rugged look of James Dean team up your favorite jeans with a nice, well-fitted T-shirt and low-key trainers. Alternatively, you can wear denim trucker jacket with Oxford shirt, knitted tie, tailored trousers, crew neck jumper and loafers. For a double denim look, combine your denim jeans and shirt with a plain navy blazer and finish the look with black leather boots.

Style Steal 3: For all-white attire, you can try white and cream tailoring items with solid, neutral colored dress shirt, white sandals and cream bucket hats. You can even invest in white wash denim jeans and jackets and combine them with while/cream anoraks and baggy shorts and break the look with some bold colored/cream t-shirts.

Style Steal 4: To incorporate some floral prints in your wardrobe this season, wear tees, bomber jackets, basketball trainers, or shorts (take inspiration from Topman’s collection) with less attention-grabbing neutrals like beige chinos, white short-sleeved shirt, sandals and tassel loafers to make the floral piece the focus of your attire. For more adventurous men, try combining daisy-covered bell bottoms and some lightweight knitwear to stand out in the crowd.

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Style Steal 5: Go bold and take inspiration from Dolce & Gabbana’s spring 2015 collection. Combine sportswear and tailored separates in various shades of red. But keep the color to one statement-making element like wearing a crimson crew neck t-shirt with neutral warm-weather trousers or cherry chino shorts with cream/beige or a black/dark-colored tee.


Style Steal 6: To combine green and blue, you can wear tailored chinos and crew neck jumper both in navy and break it with a sea green jacket/blazer or lightweight parka in spring. If you’re more experimental with colors, try to team up a light neutral shirt with a navy jacket, green trousers and white tasselled loafers.

Style Steal 7: To steal Fendi’s spring 2015 look, pair up your khaki shorts with V-neck light neutral t-shirt, faded denim shirt/jacket and men’s sandals (preferably black or white). And don’t forget to carry your backpack.

Style Steal 8: Just like florals, tropical prints are back in style this spring. Combine a tropical print slim fit blazer from Tallia Orange with some solid shirts and trousers/jeans. If you are opting for some bold colors and prints, keep the shirt and trouser in subtle colors.

Style Steal 9: Want to look stylish yet be comfortable in humid weather? Combine a light grey linen blazer with a black/dark neutral shirt. Keep the trousers in some lighter shades. To accessorize the look, you can take a patterned scarf.

Style Steal 10: If you want an alternative to jeans, the Bottega Veneta runway gives you enough reasons to consider rolled up track pants. Team up nouveaux track pants with knitwear, tailoring and refined outerwear. And keep everything unbuttoned.

Style for Men - Men's Style Steals for Spring 2015
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Style Steal 11: We saved this one for quite long now. Steal the cover look of Christian Gray aka Jamie Dornan from Variety. Wear a sharply tailored, charcoal grey jacket in textured fabric and combine it with black or dark grey jeans and a grey sweatshirt to balance and tone-down your look.


Spring is the time to get bold you with style statement: include vibrant colors, different patterns and fabrics to look put-together. However, the trick is in balancing the look without overdoing it. Also, remember that there will be some trends you’ll love and some you will loathe. Stick to the one that suits your personality and then experiment a little. It’s all about pulling it off with style.

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