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Entertaining a Date at Home

You can take a woman to every fancy restaurant and cocktail bar in all the great cities of the world, but nothing can match the intimacy and opportunity to really impress like a date in your very own abode. This is when they get to see who you really are, not just the places you like to wine and dine. Basically, it’s your biggest test, and you better get it right. Here’s a guide to make sure you do.

Setting the Scene

Yeah, we’re going to run through the most basic bit of information: make sure your apartment or house is clean. We can’t stress it enough. Nobody likes to be around a dirty environment at the best of times, and definitely not when they’re with someone they may like romantically. Hire a cleaner to come round; they’ll do a better job than you. Buy a few candles and get the lighting just right – not too bright, not too dark, just the right amount of shade that says this is a cosy place to be.

First Impressions

Prepare yourself for their arrival. You want to be ready at least thirty minutes before they’re due to arrive – no last minute dash to iron your shirt for you! Mix yourself a drink and be relaxing in the area you’ll be entertaining to begin with. In our head, that’s a nice kitchen bar, well stocked with all the right spirits. When they arrive, be ready to be charming from the first second – doorbell camera viewers can let you know it is she who has actually arrived. Compose yourself, smile, open door. Smooth.

Cooking Up a Storm



Us guys don’t really appreciate the art of cooking (generally speaker), but to many a female it is the only way to their heart. If you know how to cook then you’re in a prime spot to succeed, my friend. That being said, don’t be overly ambitious. Cook something you know. Spending all your time in the kitchen, fretting as you wonder whether it’s all going OK, is not worth the marginal additional points you’ll score if it tastes delicious. Keep things casual, let them be a part of the process if they want to be. Also, highly recommended that you get any dietary information before they arrive. Nothing kills the mood like serving a well seasoned, perfectly cooked medium rare steak to a vegetarian.

To Relax

The dinner was a success, and everything has been cleared away. Now’s the time to relax with a good bottle of wine (just the right one) and some good music. If you’re anything like us, you’ll find that Otis Redding’s Blue album is the ideal way to set the mood. Get comfortable, make sure the drinks are all topped up, and let her get to know you in your own personal space.

The Music, the Wine, the Moonlight

Now all you need is a full moon and a few passing shooting stars to cap off the night. Just kidding – let the night run to a natural conclusion, be yourself, and no gimmicks will be needed.