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Why Converting Your Garage Could Be Brilliant

How many of us have garages attached to our homes?  And how many actually use them to park the car overnight?  A lot of people end up using the garage as a dumping zone for all the stuff that doesn’t go anywhere else and there’s nothing wrong with that.  But if you don’t use the garage for the car, then converting it into a useful space could be brilliant.

The hobby space


One of the classic ideas for a garage conversion is to create a dedicated hobby space.  Doesn’t matter what your hobby or interest is, it can always benefit from a place where you can have all of our equipment, leave your stuff lying around mid-project and simply relax and enjoy the fruits of your work.

A converted garage can be just the job.  If the space doesn’t have electricity to it, an electrician can easily ensure you have power and then it is a case of looking for the right storage for your gear.  If you have a big garage you could even look at a racking system to hold heavier equipment, for example if you restore cars or bikes and hold parts until needed.

The home gym

Yes, it costs money to convert the garage but if you transform it into a gym, it can end up saving you money on your gym membership.  You can fill it with only the equipment that you use and there are no queues to get to the gear – unless it is with other members of the family!  You can even add a little wash room if the space is big enough.

Insulating the room might be an idea, depending on where you live.  Also, some extra windows can let the light into the space and make for a more pleasant experience.

The playroom/games room


If you have kids or teenagers, then transforming the garage into a playroom or a games room can be brilliant.  The kids get their own dedicated space to use for their favorite things and you get room in the house where all their stuff used to be.  As they get older, a big screen TV and their games consoles can make the garage into a games room, allowing them to be as noisy when playing as they like without driving everyone else mad.

Other uses

A garage can be made into a huge range of different rooms.  It might be that you need a guest room where visiting family can stay or an extra living room, even a home cinema room with sofas and a big screen TV.  A home bar is a fun idea and of course, the garage can always remain as a storage space, only organized properly to make the most of the space.

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