Home Advice Concrete Steps: 5 Hardcore Tips to make the floors last

Concrete Steps: 5 Hardcore Tips to make the floors last

Concrete Steps: 5 Hardcore Tips to make the floors last
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It’s the middle of the year, and you notice cracks beginning to appear on your concrete floors. Summer is about to start, and doing hardcore renovations may not fit the season. Moreover, you have not yet completed your funds for major home improvement. 

Seeing the flaws on the floors, the first thing that gets on your nerves. You begin to ask, “should I now call a concrete resurfacing contractors near me” or “ How much does it cost to resurface concrete? 

Or what you may consider next is to replace the old tiled floors or worn-down hardwood with concrete. You might wonder if concrete floors are worth it and does resurfacing concrete last? 

It is true, home repairs are overwhelming, especially the floors, which are the foundation of any property. Fret no more! Here are some tips and facts to help you. You will worry about your floors no more!

TIP 1: Should I DIY or Call Professionals

You can make your floors last with proper treatment. Regular cleaning and maintenance is an excellent way to start. But when flooring cracks, holes, and discoloration appears, you need to consider if DIY cleaning will suffice.

So here’s a tip, when you want to know if it is time to resurface the floors or fix them with DIY solutions, first assess. How big the faults appear? 

A DIY concrete crack repair kit may come in handy.

You will need:

  • Diamond blade grinder
  • Circular saw
  • Chisel
  • Trowel
  • Concrete Mix
  • LAtex acrylic sealer

See if you can access them. And next, make sure that you know how to use these tools. If not, then it is time that you call an expert on flooring repair. 

More tip: if you call the experts, they will surely help you with how bad a flooring crack is. For some typical flooring owners, a hair-thin fault on the surface can be minor. But if an expert will look at it, they may see that more significant damage exists beneath the surface.

TIP 2: Regular Cleaning

Before you jump into DIY concrete resurfacing, there are much simpler ideas and simpler tools that you can work with that save your concrete floors from irreversible problems.

Sometimes the floors become too familiar, and while you step on them every day, you overlook spots that need attention. 

But have you done cleaning? If you notice, while sweeping or mopping the floors, your eyes turn to those corners or edges on the floors that are rarely seen. So by doing this, you will prevent cracks from increasing and provide an easy fix. 

TIP 3: Apply Sealer

If it is your first time to hear concrete floor sealers, it may tick you off. You may think that it is just an added cost. But, wait until you apply concrete floor sealers. It saves the porous slabs from moisture, heat, and impacts from falling heavy objects. Applying sealers adds life to the concrete floors.

TIP 4: Resurface than Replace

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While you may consider renovation, you may want to try resurfacing first. Concrete resurfacing is more efficient than replacing the old and damaged concrete. Concrete can be restored by installing a new layer without bothering you to tear out the old ones.

TIP 5: Use Floor Coverings

Lastly, various floor covers are easy to use and maintain. Sometimes, you only need to put some mats or carpets on the floors if you are not ready to repair or resurface. In this way, you can minimize incidents that may cause more significant damage. 

There are times you cannot avoid delaying plans for home improvement, but while you are still saving your costs, floor coverings are sufficient enough to seal and protect the floors.

Featured Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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