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Tips For Selecting A Compact Storage Unit

If you’re like me and moved many times over the years, you know that choosing a compact storage unit for your move, business, or personal use is an important part of decluttering your home or keeping all your items safe. I have listed a few tips below that will prove helpful when you are choosing your storage options. Plus, you need to decide what works best for you instead of accepting the first thing you find. There are a lot of people who simply buy into a unit that they think is right, but they might not have considered all their options.

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Why Do You Need The Unit?

There are several reasons to use a compact storage box. You may have planned to move, or you might need storage space on your property. You can use the storage box as a way to store old items because you do not mind if they sit in a warehouse. Military storage units are used when you have been deployed and need to divide up your personal items.

Talk to the storage company to find out which box they recommend. Once you know what your options are, you can begin to weigh the price, contract length, and the size of the unit.

How Big Is The Box?

Traditional boxes could be no larger than a small bathroom, or you could get a much longer storage box that could extend to the size of a trailer. You can ask the storage company for the dimensions of all their units, and you should ask them how much fits in each box.

If you want to see the storage unit for yourself, you can take a tour of the storage space. The storage company will explain how the units are delivered, and you should learn about how contracts work.

What Sort Of Contract Do You Need?

You need a contract for your storage box that matches your situation. If you are being deployed by the military, the storage company will often give you a flat rate and store your items for as long as you need. They can also send some of your belongings on to another location. Splitting up your storage makes your life much easier, and you can request a very long contract if you know you will be in a remote location for long periods of time.

If you are setting up storage for your business, you can get a contract that lasts as long as you need. You can get these storage boxes delivered to your event site for a short period of time, and you can sign the rental contract long in advance so that you can schedule delivery of the boxes.

The Storage Company Should Drop Off And Pick Up The Boxes Without Your Help

The storage boxes should be dropped off on your property when you ask. You do not need to be there because the boxes will be organized by a driver who has a forklift on the trailer. When the boxes are full, you can have the storage company come back to pick up the boxes. Lock the boxes and keep the keys. The storage company will pick up the boxes even if you are not there, and they will send you receipt of the pickup.

Only You Can Access the Boxes

Make sure that you are able to lock the boxes yourself and keep the keys. The compact storage company should not have access to the boxes. Their job is to pick them up, ship them, and store them. Plus, the storage company should store these boxes in large warehouses that make them impossible to access unless they have been unloaded and prepared.

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How Do You Take Delivery Of A Box During A Move?

The storage company must give you a full itinerary for the move. They often have a service center that will accept your box, and the company should make sure that you know how to reach the box. If the company has promised to deliver the box directly to your new location, they should schedule a time that you are comfortable with. You can tell the company how to lay out the boxes when they are delivered, and you can open them with the keys you kept on your person.


Choosing a compact storage unit requires that you get the right unit, you know where it will be stored, and the company can deliver the unit to you. You should ask for a flexible contract that helps you with your situation. People in the military can use two boxes to store both long-term items and items that will be shipped to another location. You must ask the company if they can give you a good price, and you need to know if they will leave the box on your property so that you can use it as a personal compact storage space without shipping the box.

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