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Choosing A Credit Card

Let’s face it – credit cards are here with us and they are staying forever. They may change shape over time or even integrate themselves with our wearable devices or even robotic limbs in the nearest future, but the concept of not carrying around cash and still being able to purchase stuff is here to stay.

We have nothing left but to familiarize ourselves with this system. We must master it; we need to become the masters of personalized financial management today in order to keep up with the times yet to come.

Here’s how you do it like a pro even today!

Pick your card wisely


There is a specific reason why credit card offers on Effectify exist! This app exists to help and guide people with the perfect choice of both plastic and the banking plan for both beginners and credit professionals.  All of the pros and cons of cards are clearly highlighted and visualized making your every choice educated and well thought.

Why bother if you can just ask the consultant for aid? There are too many cards for a single person to cover nowadays anyway. Banks are chasing after customer loyalty and client acquisition with new deals that pop out on a weekly (if not on a daily) basis. Some work better for travelers; others are designed for card holders who are clients to a plethora of banks; thus simplifying transactions, etc. You may need some functions in your daily routines, while others are worthless to you. Some rates and commissions are higher than others though.

Knowing what you need and the price you’ll pay for it is what makes services like Effectify as vital as air in the modern economy. Start using them.

Have several cards

Banks have different deals as I’ve mentioned above. Why look for a compromise when you can have them all, especially now that you know of them? At least five cards are the best way to go today.

One should be reserved for cheaper travels, the other is for shops that support cash back, the third card should be used for digital transactions alone to reduce the fees, number four is for getting cash, while the last should be tailored to manage financial flows between all members.

Use apps

No, seriously, it’s 2017 outside. There is an app for everything nowadays. A lot of them are perfect for managing several bank accounts as well as transactions, payments, shopping and whatnot from a centralized unit. It is great, isn’t it? Don’t shy away from using it!

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