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Celebrate the Holidays in Style: The Coolest Personalized Gifts for the Holidays

With the Fall season in full swing, that can only mean that the holiday season is right around the corner. As Halloween gives way to Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving paves the way for Christmas, the gift-giving bug spreads like a pandemic. Whether were looking for a cool gift for dad or a humorous gag gift for the boss, the aspect of giving thoughtful, relevant gifts remains synonymous.

Personalizing gifts has quickly gained notoriety as manufacturing companies boast more options and faster turnaround times than ever before. Therefore, many people are opting to give personalized gifts incorporating functional-relevance and an intimate touch rather than just buying the most expensive item on the shelf. With that in mind, some of the coolest personalized gifts for the holiday season can be found below:

Carving Essentials:

Thanksgiving and Christmas are both synonymous with golden-brown turkey cooked to perfection and succulent roasts literally dripping with deliciousness. Therefore, one of the hottest personalized gifts this holiday season includes custom-engraved carving kits. These kits generally include a long utility knife capable of slicing through vegetables and meat, and of course, a matching carving fork to help reprimand an item while you cut it. The handles of both the knife and fork are usually made of an elegant wood and can be engraved or imprinted with a name or in some cases, a personal message. A personalized carving kit is the perfect gift for the holiday season, as it combines functionality with originality.

Wine N’ Dine:

Wine has a long and rich history of being used as a gift, but it lacks a certain personal touch that every gift needs. Wine glasses on the other hand, are becoming quite popular as many companies will allow you to personalize them with names, symbols, and pictures. Stemmed or stemless, wine glasses not only make for an elegant gift but when coupled with a personalized engraving, the gift combines elegance with a touch of intimacy. Furthermore, considering that wine is a staple of the holiday season, personalized wine glasses make for an awesome, yet relevant gift for the occasion.

Ho Ho Ho:

You simply cannot have Christmas without Santa Claus. The Christmas season brings with it a sea of red Santa hats. With its iconic red felt and white trim, the Santa hat has become a staple in Christmas celebrations. Not only that, but it also makes for one of the coolest personalized gifts for the holidays. Many companies have started offering completely custom Santa hats that can be embroidered with a specific name. The hat does not even have to be red anymore either. Various colors of felt are popularly being used in place of the symbolic fire-truck red traditionally associated with the Santa hat. Many businesses are taking advantage as well, ordering a number of hats imprinted with their logo to be worn at corporate holiday functions.

Let It Snow:

Arguably one of the most traditional gifts associated with the holiday season is the simple snow globe. Now the traditional can be made personal as many companies are offering personalized snow globes that can be personalized in a number of ways. One such way that is making the snow globe one of the coolest personalized gift is the aspect of including a picture within the actual “globe.” Everything from logos and graphics to pictures and personal messages can be inserted within the globe of a snow globe. It doesn’t have to stop there either. In some instances, the base of the snow globe can be engraved to add an even deeper personal touch to it.

Don’t Forget the Classics:

Calendars and Christmas ornaments make for simple, and yet completely personalized gifts. Many well-known sites such as QLP offer a wide variety of customizable products. Ornaments, for example, can easily be mass produced and printed with a company name and logo for corporate functions. They can also be produced at more personal level, made from all sorts of material (glass, plastic, etc.), and imprinted with a name and/or picture. The same can be said for calendars as well. Both products are completely relevant to the holiday season and when personalized, make for an excellent personalized gift option as well.

Finding the coolest personalized gifts for the holiday season should not pose too much of a problem. Hundreds of products are readily available and customizable, all it takes is a little imagination paired with a bit of research. Whether you etch your sweetheart’s name on a wine glass, give your boss a Santa Claus hat made with company colors, or do something completely different from what is mention here, you simply can’t go wrong by opting to give a personalized gift this holiday season.

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