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Top Career Opportunities Do Business Graduates Have In UK?

Top Career Opportunities Do Business Graduates Have In UK?
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Once a student has completed his degree, the next mission is to find the top career opportunities for themselves. The UK houses numerous such working opportunities which you as a business graduate should apply for. 

Are you wondering what those career opportunities are? Keep on reading to find the answer.

Top Career Opportunities for Business Graduates In UK


The main duty of an accountant is to analyze and review businesses’ accounts which also includes financial data such as any company’s outgoings and income, revenue and loss, and what their tax charges will be.

You will get the opportunity to work as an accountant in an accounting firm, the accounting department of a company, or in a practice of your own. You are required to be strong in figures, problem-solving skills, and business intelligence. Employers look for team-working and good communication skills in you. They also seek the ability to work methodically by themselves and get on with clients. If you check all the boxes, you can easily expect about £23,566 to £61,016 per year.

Corporate Treasurer:

Being a Corporate Treasurer means you have to deal with large amounts of money in an extremely pressured environment. Here you have to handle investments and advise the businesses on their risks.

For this job, employers look for high levels of numeracy and analytical skills. You should also have a cool temperament and a strong knowledge of how the money markets and treasury departments function. The capability to manage time proficiently and communicate clearly is also essential.

You can typically earn around 93,500 GBP per year as a cooperate treasurer. Although Corporate Treasurer salaries vary significantly depending on experience, skills, or location. (Salaryexplorer, 2022)

Business Development Manager:

Working as a business development manager is all about improving businesses through the use of multiple strategies, for instance, expansion, saving costs, mergers, and partnerships. You also have to monitor the happenings in your sector to identify opportunities coming your way.

You must have good business knowledge for this job, numeracy, analytical ability, good negotiation, promotion, and networking skills. Furthermore, employers also want you to be good at communication when coming up with a business plan or making partners.

Your average salary will be £35226 on average as a Business Development Manager in the UK.

Human Resources Officer:

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As a Human resources officer, you have to help participants of an organization do their best throughout their employment period – from their arrival at a company to when they leave or get retired. Employers look for excellent knowledge of organizational design and development employment law.

In addition to this, you need to know how to help people grow and verbal communication and interpersonal skills with everyone. May that be a coaching Manager, a union representative, or anyone in between. Excelling in administrative abilities is also important for an HR officer to work well with team members and approach individuals with sensitivity and understanding.

You can earn around £24,000 to £35,000 by being an HR officer.

Academic Consultant: 

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To become an Academic Consultant in an Assignment help UK-based service, you need to have good writing, problem-solving skills, and knowledge in your domain. If you check all the boxes, you will successfully earn around £41,199 per year.

Marketing Executive:

Being a Marketing Executive means you have to work with the marketing Manager to look over and control the relationship between your organization’s products and the target audience.

To become a good candidate for a marketing executive position, your skill set should include commercial awareness, thinking strategically when planning marketing, analytical potential, and creativity when generating materials. Having good interpersonal and communication skills is also important for this position and meeting deadlines.

As a marketing executive, you can earn up to £20,000 to £30,000, which may increase to £45,000 with five years of experience.

Estate Agent:

To become an Estate Agent, you need to have outstanding communication skills to sell and negotiate property sales and a resilient customer service mentality. You have to guide people who want to sell their home, inform them about the value of their current house and the price it can be sold in the market. 

Moreover, you need to know the areas your agency covers to know the worth of properties the potential customers want to buy. By being an Estate agent, you can earn up to £14,000 to £20,000 as a newcomer, but with time it will increase up to £60,000.

Project Manager:

You can become a Project Manager in all sectors, from oil and gas to construction. You just have to be good at scheduling, working with budgets, and leading a team.

Your duty is to plan, organize and run specific projects to complete them on time and within budget while meeting the requirements. You will require strong organizational skills, budget, revenue knowledge, and soft skills, for instance, communication, working on your own, and making decisions. 

As a fresh employee, you will earn approximately £43239 per annum and £77,500 as a senior project manager.


Now that you know the best career opportunities in the UK for a business graduate, go ahead and peruse the most suitable career for you.


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Featured Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels