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Top 5 Skills to Look for While Hiring A Python Developer

Top 5 Skills to Look for While Hiring A Python Developer
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According to worldwide statistics, when it comes to the coding language for web and/or app development, 44.1% of programmers choose Python. This fact makes the language one of the most used ones for building various projects in different fields around the world. Thus, there are a lot of developers whom you can hire for your project to satisfy the demands and requirements. Yet, how to recognize the professional you can rely on and who will help you create a robust product? Let’s overview must-have Python developer skills you need to take into account when hiring a developer.

5 Must-Have Python Developer Skills

Before hiring a software engineer, we suggest checking our list of five skills that every great Python developer specialist must have. Here you won’t find such skills as strong communication, out-of-the-box thinking, interpretation, and others. We highlighted only the top development proficiency below.

You, however, can consider, a custom python web development company to outsource your project instead of hiring an in-house developer.

Understanding of Front-End Technologies

Why should Python programmers know the front-end in case the language is used for back-end development? It is obligatory for being a full-stack developer plus for making the development more efficient. 

However, it’s a common practice that Python programmers collaborate closely with the front-end team. Thus, developers must know how it works — the server-side and how it looks — the client-side. So, having familiarity with front-end technologies, they can:

  • Get a clear understanding of both the performance and appearance of the web/application;
  • Control the performance of the app/web on every stage;
  • Streamline and help to deliver the product timely, and so on.

Besides, for some projects, familiarity with the basics of front-end technologies is more than just welcome. So, if such a skill set is important for your company, then such experience should be on your agenda.


Java Script
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As a follow-up to the previous skill, this one relates to the front-end part of your project as well. It’s because, when dealing with front-end development, JavaScript turns out to be an ideal choice. So, if you want to develop and run dynamic elements of applications and websites, then JavaScript is a must for Python developers. That’s why you need to test the JavaScript skills of the candidate to find out whether he/she can work on both the back-end and front-end or not.

Python Frameworks

If you want your project to have a strict and transparent structure, processes, architecture, and workflow, frameworks are necessary. They are made to ease and speed up the coding process by omitting repeated code, creating clean code, increasing productivity and efficiency of the software developers’ team, and so on.

Besides well-organized structure, architecture and documentation, they provide other options to enable the developers to focus on the core features and tasks instead of other application elements. That’s why it’s crucial for software engineers to be familiar or, what is more preferable, to have an experience/working knowledge of Python frameworks.

There are plenty of frameworks available on the market. However, it doesn’t mean that a programmer has to know all of them, but the candidate should be familiar with the top ones like Django, Flask, Web2Py, Bottle, CherryPy, etc. Depending on the project’s needs and requirements, you may ask the developer to highlight one or another framework he/she works with. Besides that, a programmer’s ability to select the framework that is the most suitable one for the project would not come amiss as well.


It’s more likely than not that, using one of the numerous Python libraries, the candidate will be able to connect a database. However, when searching for a really good developer, the ability to use different databases is to be your agenda. Today, when building almost every application, software engineers will need to have such proficiency to meet the requirements of the project.

Currently, Big Data and relational databases are considered to be the most commonly used with coding language. What’s more, the latter term covers a set of databases to use with Python. A great programmer should have not only working experience but in-depth knowledge of such databases. So, if you want to create a robust and scalable application, then check and test your skills and knowledge of databases before making a decision.

Linux/macOS Familiarity

Quite deep knowledge of Linux and/or macOS terminal commands is a must-have for great Python specialists so that the programmers could successfully install the application. Thus, for example, nowadays, software engineers use Linux to:

  • Get Python’s full potential;
  • Go in-depth with the project’s requirements to make all the needed customizations and many more.

Before finalizing, it’s better to ask and test the Linux/macOS familiarity.

Bottom line

Looking for a good and reliable Python developer, it’s extremely important to pay attention to his/her skills, knowledge, and experience because the quality of the final product depends on the programmer’s expertise. That’s why the very first thing to do is to determine the project so that you could define the must-have skills of the perfect candidate to hire.

All the proficiency described in the article has a matter because they are indicators of the expertise level. Having all of them, the developer can:

  • Easily figure out the things and focus on the core elements of the project;
  • Complete tasks on time;
  • Meet tight deadlines;
  • Create a robust and scalable product that is supposed to be used by millions of users and many more.

That’s why you need to check if the candidate has the skill set required to succeed in a Python developer’s role. In such a way, you can determine if he/she has enough knowledge, experience, and expertise to build a high-quality product that meets all the demands and requirements.

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