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The Importance of Personality Tests During the Process of Hiring

The Importance of Personality Tests During the Process of Hiring
Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

Many candidates ace every section of the interview process, and it seems the job is theirs till a test is done. Then they flop, and the job vanishes right under their nose. This determining test is referred to as a personality test. 

Are personality tests the next trend in hiring?

These statistics are always growing due to the inevitable shift of firms catching up to new recruitment methods. Because of this global shift in hiring methods, organizations have prioritized onboarding. Screening is costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. So companies believe it is in their best interests to screen candidates for the long term.

Employers use personality testing for a variety of reasons. The incorporation of personality testing provides an understanding of the candidate’s ability to fit in the organization.

The better their results, the more likely they will stay with the organization for a long time. This prevents the need for the time and effort required to fill the job.

A 40-minute interview offers the most basic information about the candidate. It skims the surface and highlights their aptitude, expertise, and understanding. It’s tough to tell if the applicant would be a good fit. An example would be the Prepterminal’s criticall test, which gives full details about an individual and their work abilities. As a result, including personality tests enables hiring managers and companies to make more informed recruiting decisions.

Cultural Adaptability

Determining if a candidate fits the company’s culture can provide employers a rough sign of what they might expect in the future. A compatible workforce that gets along, works well as a unit, and exhibits enhanced production levels result from a strong cultural fit.

The goal of using personality tests is to find the best work environment for the individual. While some companies believe in the importance of cultural fit, a solid interview would not be out the window for this reason.

Candidates who excel in a corporate atmosphere, for example, might struggle in a fast-paced startup one and vice versa. Employers may use these findings to set the tone for the onboarding process and beyond.

Role and Team Compatibility

So your digital marketing prospect has a strong résumé and extensive experience. But are they a team player or a go-getter on their own? Do they meet the role’s social requirements? Can they take charge as a critical deadline looms over the entire team?

Personality tests can show whether a candidate is a good match for the role and team in terms other than capacity and skills. It demonstrates the candidate’s ability to think fast. Also, how they approach problems and if they display leadership qualities under duress.

All this information is often provided over the first few months of work. Yet, using an in-depth personality test early in the process can give these insights.

Communication Preferences and Style

For new recruits, communication is likely the most critical factor to consider. People work in various ways, and we all have a method, a formula for productivity. It’s also critical that the environment doesn’t interfere with it.

Communication style and choice must be tailored to each individual, adapting to the most effective way for them to get and transfer information. 

What information do personality tests provide about a candidate?

  • Information gathering (How the candidate absorbs information)
  • Decision-making abilities (Leadership under pressure)
  • Rational Thought & Process (Problem-solving skills)
  • Time management and organizational abilities (Productivity)

There are several alternatives available to pick from. It is important that the personality test chosen suits the organization’s culture and answers questions essential to the company and the workplace preference.

Featured Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash