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Securing A Job through Job Agencies Near Me

Securing A Job through Job Agencies Near Me
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How You Can Get a Job Through Job Agencies Near Me

If you have been struggling to land a job in your dream profession, job agencies near me can help you through it. Your perfectly written CV/resume and engaging cover letter might not land you an interview as quickly as you think. So, it is always a great idea to consider the recruitment agencies near you as they understand better the opportunities you can get with your qualifications.

Some professionals feel that recruiting agencies sound big and scary, but they help potential employees land their careers. Other professionals fail to turn to recruiters, thinking they only help senior positions land another senior position. It is not true because people at entry-level also get jobs through recruiters. In this Team Global guide, we will show you how to get employment through a recruiter, with the advantages it comes with. Take a look.

1. What recruitment agencies do 

Since large companies do not have time to go through hundreds of CVs/resumes, they get in touch with a recruiting agency. The job agency chooses the best candidate, and they interview them. This saves the companies their time and effort. The job agencies near me act as middlemen between companies and potential employees. 

2. Do they benefit from a cut from your salary? 

Some people wonder how recruiters make money by getting you a job. They get paid by the companies who use them to get an employee, depending on the roles.

a. Temporary work

If you get employed as a temporary employee through a recruitment agency, you will likely get your salary through the recruitment agency. They get paid by the company for helping them fill their position, and they are the ones who will deliver your salary. They will cut some for themselves, though. However, it does not mean that the agency will underpay you. 

b. Permanent roles

If the recruiter gets you for a permanent position, they will be paid after you are hired. The company pays them around 20% of the employees’ starting salary, but this money does not come from your salary. 

You are hired
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

3. Advantages of using recruitment agencies

a. Agencies have unique jobs 

Many companies choose to pay recruiters to get employees because it is easier than going through hundreds of CVs/resumes and holding interviews for many job seekers. You are likely to hear job vacancies that you did not see being advertised through recruiters.

b. You get expert guidance from professionals

The agency will allocate a recruiter who knows everything about the job market you seek to find employment. They will advise you where the best jobs are, according to your profile, and what employers are looking for. 

c. Recruiters get paid when you get employed

This means that they will do all they can to get you the job. The recruiters increase your chances of getting to the interview by improving your CV/resume and teaching you how to handle interviews. This extra support is an added advantage to you because securing a job becomes more manageable.

4. Disadvantages of using recruitment agencies

a. They don’t cover every job and industry

Some companies prefer to search for employees independently and carry out interviews because they don’t want to pay job agencies near me. Some don’t trust the judgment of recruiters because they are also after getting paid. 

 b. Job Agencies already have top skilled potential employees

When you apply for a job position with a job agency, you will compete with highly skilled candidates. If you are a little less experienced, it would be of help if you gain more skills.

5. How to find the right recruitment agency

Before deciding to use a job agency, it is essential to ask these questions

a. How do the recruiters place candidates

Job interview
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A genuine recruiter will hold a face-to-face interview with you, not through a phone call or a chat. If you get suspicious about how they go about the whole process, it is not worth your time. 

b. Is the agency okay with recruiting students and graduates

The recruiters specify if they can take students and graduates or not. Check well to know before you choose one. Some offer employment to students only, while others specialize in general work for everyone.

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay