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Make a Difference With These Forward-Thinking Careers

If you’re looking at shifting careers, then there are two things to bear in mind. The first is that the world is facing a fair few troubling issues at the moment, and it’d be great if your new chosen career didn’t contribute to these issues. The second is the world is ever in flux, and there’s every chance that in the near future lots of jobs are going to be lost through automation. As such, it’ll be a wise move to pick a career that both does good and which looks to the future. Here are five ideas to get you started on choosing a Forward-Thinking Career.

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Working With Nature

During the industrial revolution and beyond, everybody upped sticks and moved to the city. Now? People are beginning to think that maybe cities aren’t all that, and they’re looking back to nature. However, at the moment the natural world is taking quite a big hit. By becoming a conservationist, you’ll work with local governments to care for and protect the natural world. You’ll need to have the capacity to hold a lot of data and analysis in your head, as well of course having a love of the outdoor world!

Sophisticated Teaching

Teaching will always be needed, regardless of how widespread automation extends. However, the teaching world is changing as it becomes more integrated with technology. If you’re already a teacher or are planning to become one, then topping up your training with an online MA in education technology can propel you to the next stage of your career. With the MA under your belt, you’ll be able to be at the forefront of educational change, finding new ways to use technology to create better learning experiences for all.

Mental Health Issues

Mental health conditions are expected to rise in the next couple of decades, for a number of reasons. As these issues are becoming more and more understood, the world is going to need mental health professionals who can offer treatment, support, and a deeper understanding of the wide range of conditions that affect people. If you are of an empathetic disposition and want to work in a sector that helps improve people’s lives, look at breaking into the industry.

Forward-Thinking Careers and the Engineering the World

As the world progresses, there’s going to be new problems that arise, due in part to climate change, migration, and old infrastructure beginning to fail. The people who solve these problems will help shape the world for decades to come. If you’re a natural problem solver and fancy taking on the challenge of finding solutions to these issues, look at transitioning to a career in engineering. As the world gets more complicated, you’ll be on hand to fix the problems.

In the Lab

It’s not as difficult to break into the world of science as people usually suspect. If you’re disciplined and can put the effort into getting the qualifications, then you can become a scientist. Pick an issue that is close to your heart and get in the lab! Your efforts could have lasting positive effects for humanity.