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Jobs That Let You Work from Home

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Some people love getting out of the house for work every day. Others would much rather work in their pajamas until noon. Some people don’t even have the option: if they can’t afford childcare, suffer from a disability, or don’t have reliable transportation, then a job that lets them work from home is a life-saver. Whatever your reasons for being interested in jobs that let you work from home, you can consider some of the following options.


If you owned one or two (or ten) rental properties, you could run your business as a landlord from home. You could set your own hours, ensuring that tenants only contacted you when you were willing to be contacted, and post your ads, handle complaints, and do your accounting from home sweet home. Some landlords might feel the need to use an office, but if you used Turbo Tenant perks like an online rental application, most of your papers would be digital and available anywhere.

Medical Transcriptionist

If you worked as a medical transcriptionist, you would handle the reports of doctors. Most doctors don’t have time to write down the important information they need to be recorded, so they record patient information auditorily instead. If you worked as a medical transcriptionist, you would take those audio files and transcribe what the doctor was saying, so the hospital’s paperwork was legal and in order. As long as you had email and internet, you could take your medical transcriptionist job home.  

Web Writer

The more the world moves onto the internet, the more websites will be a necessary part of every business. People now rely on websites to find their restaurants, electronics, and lawyers. Every small business needs a reliable website, and if you create websites for a living, you could work full-time from home.


If you’re fluent in more than one language, you could work from home as a translator. Since most translators are self-employed, you could do your work wherever you wanted. Occasionally, a translator might get a job working in a court or for a business, but many of their jobs can be done at a computer. As a translator, you’d take text or audio from one language and translate it into another, making sure to pass on the meaning and context of the piece, not just the words themselves.

Customer Service Representative

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Businesses all around the world need customer service representatives, and with the internet, many customer service representatives can now work from home. You might speak to a customer on the phone or through an online chat and help resolve their issues. To represent a company, you’d have to be fully versed in their policies, and the best-paying customer service jobs typically require a few years of experience.

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