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Going the Extra Mile for Your Boss

Have you ever heard of someone that goes the extra mile for their boss, working extra hours or coming into work earlier for the sake of helping out? Well, most likely, but is that person you? You might be thinking that you work hard enough as it is. Your entire day is largely taken up by your work and you probably don’t spend enough time with your family as it is, so why would you dedicated more time and go the extra mile for your boss?

Although you might not be a model employee right now, investing in your job and showing your employer that you are dedicated is a sign that tells them you’re serious about your job. Although it might seem like you’re sucking up to your boss, that’s really not the case.

Showing your boss you’re interested in a career, not a job

Employers can tell when someone is working for them because they want a job, and not because they want a career. If you’re applying for jobs and you join a startup, then you’re not going to get very far on the career ladder if you aren’t willing to show that you want to be a part of the company and not just someone passing by that will use that company as a stepping stone. If you put in the hard work and go the extra mile for your employer, you’ll show them you want to stay in the business long enough to see it succeed or collapse.

Work more efficiently

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No matter what job you work at, your employer will typically give you enough resources and equipment to carry your job. However, that usually means it’s just the bare minimum because your workplace either has a low budget or your boss doesn’t want to spend too much money on things they deem unnecessary. In times like this, it’s better to invest your own time and money into working more efficiently as opposed to arguing with your employer about what you should be entitled to.

For instance, if you work as a contractor or a postman and your feel like the boots your employer gives you are uncomfortable, then they don’t have any obligation to replace them as long as they serve their purpose. If you want to get your own work boots, then read more here on workbootcritic.com to find out more. Just remember that if you want to work more efficiently and go the extra mile, you’ll have to invest a bit of money of your own.

Becoming a reliable employee

Employers want to nurture their employees so that they become reliable members of staff that will help them grow a business. There are many advantages to this. For instance, if you show your boss you’re serious about working for them and the company eventually grows bigger thanks to your hard work, then look forward to future promotions that will give you a comfortable seat higher up in the workplace. According to this article from forbes.com, it’s also helpful for job security because if your employer is forced to fire people to reduce running costs, you’re less likely to get the boot because you are a reliable worker.

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