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Term Papers Writing Service with Unique Strategy

Enjoy Quality Essay Samples from Our Term Papers Writing Service with Unique Excellence Formula

Struggling with term papers? There is a solution. Examples of essays from our term paper writing service are key. You cannot, however, buy sample essays from just anyone. There are two things that make our writing service one of the best. First, we utilize a company philosophy known as a unique excellence formula. This formula helps your work to get you a high GRADE. If you haven’t heard of GRADE, it is no wonder. This is a proprietary core value shared by our company, one that sets up apart from competing companies. The second is our regular assessments of each writer by a professional editor. If GRADE is somehow insufficient to provide the best sample essay, then the errors will be caught and fixed by our editorial team.

Excellence Formula: GRADE

GRADE is, again, a proprietary concept we have employed and so far, the results tell an exciting story; we have higher quality and better long-term customer relationships than competing writing companies, and for a good reason. The GRADE excellence concept stands for:

  • Growth
  • Reliability
  • Authenticity
  • Diversity
  • Excellence


We strive to continually grow writing skills so that every writer is better than they were the day before. This is done with a three-month introductory training course for new writers aimed at improving writing skills and task management. Results indicate that these sessions have resulted in higher levels of confidence and proficiency in all writers.


We know that you need to be able to rely on the company you hire for your essay samples. That is why we give each author one assignment at a time. By only focusing their efforts on one task at a time, each writer can dedicate their full focus on meeting your deadline without compromising quality. Other companies let writers take on three, four, as many tasks as they want in some cases. Having all of that work at once means the focus is divided and your work might be compromised as a result.


Our agency has proprietary software that eliminates plagiarism. This plagiarism checker will ensure that all work is unique, written from scratch each time. We also ensure that all sources are properly cited, and quotation marks used where appropriately.


We have a diverse team of experienced writers, taken from all over the world. This brings with it a diverse pool of experiences, personal and unique insight into the topics requested, and expertise in their fields.


We make sure that all writers have been tested and trained to deliver high-quality content, every time.



Additionally, assessments are another key part of our successful business plan. Twice per month, we conduct random check-ups on the performance of each writer. We have a professional editor check three random pages from the work of each writer, completed over the last two weeks period. Based on what the editor concludes, that individual will receive a list of recommendations for edits. If the quality they are producing is below what is expected, then necessary measures are taken. This ensures your sample essays are high quality, comply with any standards you submit, and are never compromised. By going over the work in-house, we also reduce the chances of you returning and requiring edits.

Overall, we provide excellent quality for each customer. We take pride in our unique GRADE formula for excellence and employ it religiously. With such a formula and our regular assessments, we can guarantee better results, a better exchange, and better customer service.

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