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What Companies like Uber, Yahoo, and Adidas Are Doing for Team Building

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It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that company game nights and team building activities can be enormously beneficial to companies of all sizes and industries. There is an abundance of companies all over the world that partake in company game nights or team building activities who experience benefits in the social aspects of team morale, encourages creativity, teamwork, and engagement. Let’s take a look at what some of the biggest companies are doing for employee fun.

  • Uber: We all know Uber is an advanced company in terms of company culture, operations, and technology. It’s the quintessential success story of a Silicon Valley business. Furthering their success is their mindset of highly valuing company team-building activities. Uber does many different activities, but one of the most interesting is a game night where they have a music video competition with The Go Game. This causes people to let go of workplace drama, let loose, and have fun. When they return to the office, they’re operating as a new and improved team.
  • Disney, Kraft, Home Depot, Volvo, etc.: These massive companies, and more, use the company Team Building USA to help them organize activities. The companies build their team morale and productivity through events such as: scavenger hunts, charity events, murder mystery games, canoeing, and various icebreakers. This is a great example of a great variety of massive companies using multiple different types of team building to increase productivity.
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    IVIO: Different than your usual team-building exercises, this Phoenix digital marketing agency has frequent game nights with all their employees. The game nights can vary and have included mini golf, ping pong, Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, and Connect 4. The office has a “Master of Games” trophy that the winner of Game Night gets to keep and present proudly on their desk. Each game night is an opportunity for friendly competition as everyone tries to win or keep that trophy. Even these simple games allow the employees to socialize, team up, and ultimately, bond into a stronger team.

  • Adidas, Google, BP, and Yahoo: All these massive companies use a team building organization called Catalyst Team Building to help them put on all their team activities. The company helps businesses like this and more organize events such as building puzzles, becoming an orchestra, building a race car, and constructing enormous pictures. Catalyst’s goal is to get the employees to work together doing various fun activities, so they leave a stronger team.

Give team building activities a shot at your company! Even if you start small like IVIO’s game night, you could see huge results in terms of productivity, engagement, and teamwork.

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