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10 Lucrative, Yet Easy To Do, Digital Marketing Side Gigs

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When it comes to marketing, anyone with resourcefulness, a quick mind, and creativity can turn their skills into a lucrative Digital Marketing Side Gigs. With side hustles becoming all the rage, you can certainly jump aboard the bandwagon, too. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to utilize your talents during your free time. Here are 10 examples of digital marketing side jobs to make quick, easy money.

Project Marketing

Here is a job that comes with a wonderful blend of technology and marketing. Since you are going to be doing a lot of software-based, informational technology related work, you should have a firm understanding of computers. It is especially rewarding if you love working with people. Many companies actually want their Project Marketing group at their actual location to interact with members face-to-face, but many startups are willing to forego tradition and allow you video conferences to discuss plans of action.

Marketing Copywriter

The number one at home work choice is that of the copywriter. This is a side hustle that lets you make money based on what you produce. So everything you come up with, like blogs, articles, ebooks, and other content, is worth something–which is probably much more satisfying than hours spent within a cubicle. With a number of websites out there like People Per Hour, Upwork, FlexJobs, and even Fiverr to get you clients who want your written work, you will never be short of odd writing jobs. The only thing you truly need to become a copywriter is eloquence and a top-notch command of the language the content is to be written in.

eCourses and eBooks

If you have a passion for teaching others or telling stories, then eCourses and eBooks may be a decent outlet for you. This can be done either for your own livelihood, or you can become an eCourse content and eBook ghostwriter. These are essentially longer form blogs that have thousands of words and are comprised of a number of ideas. You might also be asked to format, add in graphics, and do the entire publication process for someone else. If you do it on your own, you can use the eBook to get you royalties from platforms like Kindle and Amazon.

SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization is not going to lose precedence anytime soon. Not many people are that skilled in SEO, even though it is definitely the backbone of success. Therefore, with a little training and understanding of how the internet works, time to research keywords, and offer SEO audits, you can start making money as a SEO Specialist. Examples of what a professional SEO consultant does is setting up Google Analytics, link building, working side-by-side with backend developers and content marketers, and optimizing the mobile version of a website.

Blogging (Content Strategist)

Do you love blogging? Have a monetized blog? Then why not maximize the profit you are making from your blogging endeavors and become a content strategist? This is a side job that allows you to partner up with businesses and give them advice on how to create the content they need to begin generating more leads. From there, you create a strategy of how to deliver this content through various methods, like campaigns, social media, email subscriptions, or local outreach.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Consider this a catch-all. A hybrid job, if you will. Digital marketing can be so many things, so you are free to create the “digital marketing consultant” service of your dreams. Consultants are always paid well to offer a professional and knowledgeable opinion. You can work with a firm or go solo, the choice is yours. However, you do need experience to make it on your own, even when doing digital marketing as a side hustle. In short, a digital marketing consultant can either work with teams or alone, analyzing current marketing practices, optimizing digital content, aiding in branding, and building business reputations.

Social Media Marketing

No, this doesn’t mean playing on Pinterest all day long. Social media marketing requires a mind that loves looking for patterns, studying demographics, and also knowing how to engage with people online from time to time. You are basically going to be in charge of delivering shareable content to social media platforms that will bring interest to the company you’ve been hired to promote. The good news is that you pretty much post social media content like statuses, video, and Instagram pictures from anywhere, anytime.

Edit, Audit, and Review

Proofreading is a necessary evil. In the marketing world, poor spelling or using a word in the wrong context can be the end of a decent reputation. Therefore, not only can you use your proofreading skills to generate income from high school essays and entrance applications, you can review and edit blogs and other content. You can also review and edit services for ebooks too. There is really no limit to what you can critique nowadays. As long as you have a discerning eye and a decent command of the language the content appears in, you can make it as a proofreader! Freelancer and Upwork has an endless supply of people in need of your gift.

PPC Consultant

Pay-per-Click advertising campaigns can confuse even the most internet savvy of people. If you have a knack for developing PPC campaigns that generate both money and conversions, then you have a skill people want in the age of the internet. Clients will happily pay for the ad costs as well as exchange top dollar for your time spent researching, planning, and organizing the platform. Google even offers certification for PPC Consulting, so you can get some credentials to attract even more clients.

Graphic Designer

If you have some designer skills and Adobe Design Suite installed on your computer, then you’re in luck. Graphic Designers are highly sought after, because you are literally capable of creating the face of a business. Though you may have to invest in an education first to develop a portfolio, being able to become an independent contractor who designs flyers, pamphlets, business cards, and business logos is never going to be out of a job. A great way to get beginner work are freelancing sites like Fiverr and 99 Designs.

Digital Marketing Side Gigs

There you have it: 10 lucrative side jobs and gigs based in digital marketing. No matter what your skill or hobby may be, there is a side hustle for you. All you have to do now is decide how much time you want to allocate to your side job!