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UX Tips to Increase Your Business Conversion Rates

UX Tips to Increase Your Business Conversion Rates
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To gain knowledge on how to increase your business conversions, you need to know what UX Design is exactly and what is business conversions.

Conversion rate means sales rate and good profit rate, and UX stands for user experience. The way your users feel when they interact with your website is a direct result of UX Design, and it plays a vital role in engaging your potential customers. UX ranges from usability basics to visuals, such as colors and typography – so pay attention to color palettes and choose the best fonts for your site.

Overall, your website design must be good and interesting because impressing the people entering your website is crucial to gaining customers. Websites are the most powerful source of advertisement and marketing these days. So if you make your website appealing to potential customers, you can earn a lot of money.

If your site’s user experience is good, it can benefit your business and its conversion rate. Even the smallest details on your website can make a difference to your users, so try to improve your designs and be creative. But be sure you are keeping your users’ needs in mind.

Keep reading to learn more about five tips to improve the user experience on your website.

1. CTA button designs

CTA stands for the call to action button, and it is an essential element of your website. The placement of your CTA button greatly impacts your users’ journey while they are visiting your site. If your user can not see your CTA button clearly, or if he cannot understand what it is signaling, the user experience of your page is not good. CTA is also an extremely important source of conversions, as it can guide your users until they decide to purchase something on your site. Beware of your CTAs’ colors, and make sure it aligns well with your brand’s color scheme. Avoid conflicting colors. Otherwise, your user might get confused and interpret it negatively. For example, many people prefer green CTAs buttons over red CTAs buttons. This can be explained through color psychology since humans tend to understand green as a sign to “go” and “continue” and red as a sign to “stop.”

2. Quick page load

Site speed is an important factor in enhancing your user experience and business conversions. If your website is not loading quickly, the chances are that your users will close it and look for another one. Google already showed that if a website takes more than four seconds to load, users will be highly unlikely to wait for it. Besides that, they will probably remember their frustration in the future and will avoid visiting your site. This, of course, has a huge impact on your conversion rate. So be sure to always optimize your website’s loading time.

3. Use original photos

The use of photos and pictures on your website can increase your business conversion by developing interest in your users. But keep in mind that pictures can make your website look excellent or really bad. If you copy pictures from other websites and put them on yours, your business loses authenticity. Original pictures make your website more genuine, and your potential customers will definitely admire this. If you cannot take your own pictures, you can try hiring a freelance photographer to help you with this. Another option is to use stock photos, but try choosing pictures that have not been used dozens of times before. 

Keep UX in mind
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4. Content of your website  

Your website content is the most important part of your website. Your content will be responsible for grabbing the attention of your potential customers and, hopefully, for making them buy your product. So, just as mentioned above concerning pictures, if you copy the content from another website, your business will not thrive. Users always want to find new and unique content, and if you invest in writing relevant content, you will definitely see a return. But remember that investing in content does not mean filling your website pages with text. Research has shown that negative space (space without text or pictures) is extremely important to keep your users interested in your website. Your content must be good, original, and also easy to read. 

5. Steps to check out

The checkout process steps are often not considered an important factor in user experience. However, checkout is a critical moment of the purchase journey. If there is anything on your checkout page that transmits insecurity to your user, there’s a big chance that they will simply cancel their order. So when designing your checkout, make sure to keep it simple and transparent. Show your users all the information they want to see and make all the values and charges clearly visible.

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