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Using The Internet To Transform And Grow Your Business

It’s a well known fact that in this day and age, the internet can be a very powerful tool for anyone looking to make some money. When it comes to the business side of things, if you use the internet to your advantage, you could rapidly grow your business massively. In this article is going to be how you can use the internet to transform and grow your business to your advantage.


Pretty much every website that you visit has at least one advert on, and believe it or not they are more influential than you may think on purchases that you make. You might not click through the advert and purchase the product on offer, but subconsciously you will have that product in mind so that the next time you need that particular service, you will choose to go with that brand/company.

Using a powerful company like GoogleAds to display your adverts for you is a great way of getting your name about because Google tailors adverts to the user. For example, if you browse the internet and look at a lot of cars and motorised vehicles, then it’s likely that the adverts you see will be around the same sort of subject. Consider signing your company up to display adverts, and you will notice the difference in sales and profit from that alone!

Social Media

With hundreds of social media platforms to choose from, there’s bound to be at least one that will work to your business’ advantage. The most popular for promoting your business are:

  • Facebook – you can now create Facebook pages specially for your business, and within those pages you’re able to promote certain posts, and make sure that it’s seen by the people that you want directed to your business.

  • Twitter – a platform where you can connect with anyone in the world that has an account. Much alike Facebook, you can create adverts and promotions and make sure that they are displayed for your target audience. The great thing about Twitter is, once you have a good following you will find that other people will follow too, to see what you’re about.

  • LinkedIn – a powerful tool for all business owners. If you don’t have an account, then you should make one as soon as possible. It’s a great way of finding the right clients for your business, and also finding like minded businesses too.

  • Instagram – similar to Twitter but with pictures. You can connect with and reach anyone that has an account, provided you use relevant hashtags.

  • Pinterest – basically a glorified search engine. If you’re using the correct keywords in your pins then you will be found by people. Very SEO based social media platform.

Many social media platforms allow you to run giveaways too, so that you can catch potential clients’ attention. Everybody likes a freebie, so consider giving away something on your social media profiles.

Unfortunately, like with all things to do with social media, there are downfalls too. You need to be careful of social media scams that promise you better followings etc. The best way to stay out of trouble is to stick to what the social media platforms offer you themselves. Anything external is likely to be a scam.

Working with brands

Wherever possible, connecting with other brands to collaborate and promote each other will do your business the world of good. If you’re able to get on board with a brand that’s well known to the general public, whenever they post anything online that you’ve collaborated on you will notice an immediate increase in interest and sales.


If you don’t already, build yourself a website so that interested clients can visit you and see what you’re about. Make sure that you clearly show what you can offer them, and how much it will cost them too. You will also need to display your contact details so that potential customers can easily contact you.

If you’re not very tech savvy and you’re unsure on how to approach setting up a website, using a platform like WordPress will certainly point you in the right direction. It’s very user-friendly and also inexpensive to set up.

As you can see, using the internet for your business isn’t as difficult as you might have thought. Take on the realms of the internet today and see how it can transform and grow your business.