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Tips to help you downsize your business

downsize your business

Sometimes downsizing can be the most effective way to increase business profits, especially during times of poor economic conditions. Unnecessary expenses, even when relatively small, add up to eat at the profits of a business which of course we are looking to avoid.

Today many business owners are choosing to downsize for different reasons. Reducing personnel and cutting back on operations of a business is a big task, which taxes a management team’s resources from both a business acumen point of view as well as human side, dealing with possible retrenchments.  In order to lower stress levels, it is important to break the process down into smaller, more manageable components. Below we’ve listed a few steps which you can follow to make the process easier. Of course if you can get a helping hand from a friend or a colleague that would make a world of difference either way.

Get organised

Get organised
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One of the easiest ways to reduce the stress associated with moving and downsizing is to start early, as the process of decluttering can take a lot longer than anticipated. Proper planning and organizing will be essential at this point and can save you loads of time down the line. You need to decide what you will do with additional office equipment, furniture, confidential files and documents and most importantly, your inventory. Have boxes handy to begin packing the items that will be making the move with you. Make sure they are strong and easily stackable. Find a reputable self storage facility to safely store the items you will need as necessary.

Declutter your office

Once you have organised your office, you need decide what needs to stay and what should go. Decluttering is one of the most effective ways to get rid of unnecessary junk, especially when wanting to downsize. Consider selling old office furniture and be very selective of what will move across to your new, smaller office space. Discard or shred confidential but outdated files and documents that are no longer needed. All non-essential items and their can be reconsidered. Perhaps some of it can be donated, some might just not be useful anymore in which case they can simply be discarded. Decluttering your old space will maximise space in your new workplace. This step has the added advantage of giving a feeling of more space, it will make the space more efficient which in turn will make you more productive!

Take advantage of self storage

While reducing the size of operations can assist in lowering costs, it might not make sense to sell surplus equipment immediately, particularly if the price is not right. Temporary self storage then becomes an ideal option. This is also a great option when your move might be temporary, for example when waiting for your permanent space to become available for occupation.

Business self storage has become a popular storage solution for many businesses who take advantage of self storage facilities as an extension to their office. Whether you’ve got documents and files, additional office furniture or excess inventory – self storage is the solution which provides an accessible, secure and convenient space to store equipment and stock. Many businesses choose self storage as a practical and cost-effective solution to their spacing issues, and save money on renting additional office space.

Self storage facilities offer safety and security for your confidential and important business requirements. The best self storage facilities also allow you to upsize or downsize your unit depending on your needs, meaning additional flexibility at your fingertips.

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