Home Business The 3 Ways to Get an E-commerce Store Ready for Black Friday

The 3 Ways to Get an E-commerce Store Ready for Black Friday

The 3 Ways to Get an E-commerce Store Ready for Black Friday
Image by Basim Miller from Pixabay

Just about every entrepreneur knows that there will be much higher sales around the time of Black Friday. The nature of those sales will bring a lot of shoppers to your e-commerce store. Yet, many don’t know that they leave a lot of money on the table. 

Unfortunately, many e-commerce store owners think people will just come and spend money, and they don’t have to do anything for it to happen. Optimizing a few things before the sales begin will increase your revenue even more. In this article, we will go over several tips to help you make sure that you squeeze every dollar out of those Black Friday sales. 

1 – Fast shipping

To make a lot more money, you have to ensure that your shipping service can handle the load. In fact, you may want to change your provider if you’ve had problems in the past because it will be a big challenge for them during this time period. 

If you have been happy with your provider, then consider adding another courier to the mix. If you use a courier from California or wherever you have your headquarters, in addition to the one you already have, then this is going to help you ensure that you don’t have any shipping delays. 

Returns and cancellations will happen during this period if you don’t have your shipping sorted out, which will cost you a lot of money and even future customers. 

2 – Offer bundles

A great way to add extra revenue without adding more traffic to your site is to encourage people to spend more money while they shop. Offering bundles or add ons to their order is a very effective way to do this. 

For instance, if you are selling grooming products for men, you can easily offer a better price if they order a kit with everything included instead of ordering items separately. 

If there are ever any products that are related enough to make sense to buy together, then a special price to buy them together will work. 

3 – Multiple payment options

Don’t give anybody a reason to hit the back button before checking out by giving them many options to make a payment. You should accept credit cards but also alternative payments. Third-party payment processors like Stripe and Paypal are popular with small e-commerce stores since people know they can trust them and not necessarily trust your system to not leak their details. 

Even adding cryptocurrency as a way to pay will be a good idea and also save you money. Processing fees are much lower with Bitcoin, so you are doing a win-win situation by giving yet another way to pay. If you are selling internationally, then this will help your sales since there is a lower barrier for foreign transactions with cryptocurrency. 

Featured Image by Basim Miller from Pixabay