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Outlook for Work: Manage Your Email Like a Pro

Outlook for Work: Manage Your Email Like a Pro
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Let’s face it: it’s hard to imagine a dev’s day without a torrent of emails. Letters of varying degrees of importance and urgency keep arriving, threatening to turn the inbox into an unworkable mess.

Luckily, advanced email software is there to solve the problem and save your time and effort. Stay tuned for answers to the following:

  • how Outlook can help you streamline your email inbox processes;
  • how to use salesforce Outlook plugin for smooth synchronization;
  • which additional services Outlook offers to subscribers.

Please note what’s written here mainly applies to the desktop application available as part of Office365 and might be unavailable or limited if you’re using the free Web-based version.

Sorting Things Out

It’s true that sorting your email can be punishingly dull, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Outlook enables you to organize your inbox in a way that will prevent it from turning into a hot mess of puppies-for-sale ads and urgent customer emails.

It’s common practice to use multiple folders in Outlook. To automate the sorting process, you can set up custom rules that will move an email to this or that folder based on a set of criteria like a specific set of symbols/words in the subject. You can also apply the sorting mechanism based on the sender.

Staying in Sync

If you use Salesforce at work, consider synchronizing it with Outlook for easier navigation. You might have heard about the retirement of Salesforce for Outlook, but in fact, it is has been shifted to 2023, which means you still have time to boost your productivity.

The app’s scope includes contacts, events, and tasks. Outlook calendars can be exported to other apps even outside the Salesforce domain.

Reducing Effort

With the built-in calendar, you get calendar support across your Windows devices, which means you don’t need third-party notifications and time management apps for work purposes any more. Keeping others up-to-date on your plans is easy with Outlook, too.

It’s common practice to create PTO events for when you are on holiday. This way, your teammates can plan your collaboration beforehand.

Zero Inbox: Mission Possible

Outlook is a flexible and highly customizable email app that smoothly synchronizes with Salesforce and a bunch of other systems. Try and achieve your own work zen by using its advanced functionality!

Are there any tips about Outlook you want to share? Be sure to leave a comment!

Featured Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash