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What Is the Best Way to Find a Logo Design Idea

Logo Design Idea
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

What Is the Best Way to Find a Logo Design Idea

A high-quality logo Design Idea should be both informative and straightforward so that even young children can understand what the company is doing. Hence, it is vital to consider the psychology of consumers and use the unique characteristics of the brand. But what if you are a novice or can’t discover good logo ideas?

For some, the idea of ​​a logo can come in a dream, but for someone, creating a logo can cause insomnia. If the latter is familiar to you, then this article is for you. Below you will find practical tips with which you can not only find cool and working ideas but even tips on how to make a good logo if you have never done it before.

Logo Design Idea
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

The Essence of the Logo

Before moving on to ideas, we need to talk about the significance of the logo. Understanding the role that logo’s play will help you create the best one for your business. The main objectives of the logo are:

  • Act as the visual image of the brand.
  • Be a tool to attract the target audience.
  • Improve brand recognition.

Logo plays one of the key roles in marketing. The Online Writers Rating team is confident that a correctly developed logo in tandem with content can significantly increase the company’s sales and, at the same time, gain not only trust but also brand recognition. This underlines the significance of proper logo design.

The main elements of the logo can be divided into three areas. These are:

  • color, 
  • shape, 
  • and graphics. 

So before hopping into a free logo maker in creating a logo, it is vital to consider not only aesthetic indicators but also how color, style, and shape evoke emotions in the audience.

For example, round shapes reflect ease and fun. Square shapes represent strength and durability. The red color is associated with impulses, blue with stability, while green contributes to peace of mind. That is why it is essential to understand how shapes and colors may interact with each other from the perspective of human perception and psychology.

How to Find

Good Logo Ideas
Image by FotoRieth from Pixabay

Waiting for a logo inspiration seems like a good plan of action. But the expectation of insight can drag on for a long time, and this is not permissible if you want to launch your business asap. The next recommendations will help you discover the logo design idea and get started.

P.S. The following logo inspirational tips can be used as an algorithm if you have never encountered creating a logo before.

Social Networks

Social networks are an excellent place to start the search for inspiration and ideas. They will allow you to create an approximate image of the future logo and find some unique features that could be useful.

For example, on Instagram, you can find many companies and see which logos they use. If the field of activity in particular, then you can look for something similar in Pinterest. This place allows you to refine your searches and view several ideas on the screen at once.

Large Brands

Analysis of the logos of large brands will allow you to identify the critical features of your future logo. You can see the logo designs of companies from your industry. Large companies attract specialists who can not only make a beautiful picture but also make money for their logos.

We are talking about the previously mentioned psychology of color and other nuances that are known only to the real pros. Therefore, in addition to scooping up ideas, it will be wise to write down the main approaches used for the logo. As a rule, large brands are also aware of current trends in design. Some even update their logos to keep up with the trends, but at the same time retain their unique logo features.

Brand Story

 Brand story

Image by William Iven from PixabayIn addition to places and platforms where you can draw inspiration or ideas, it is vital to look inside. It’s about using the brand-building story. Often, a uniqueness that can be used to create a working logo hides right here.

Whatever one may do, the logo should be a reflection of what the company is doing. Therefore, your brand story analysis (or writing it from scratch) should be one of the steps on the logo creation path. Write down the main points that could be useful to you when developing the design of the “face” of the brand.


Competition intelligence brings many benefits. Spying on competitors will make it clear what needs to be done and what is not. Major competitors have the same business goals. For this reason, their logos will have many essential elements that should be in your logo too.

It is recommended to analyze at least five competitors and identify common features in their logos. Usually, this is a text style and color scheme. If you do not understand the psychology of color, then such an analysis of competitors makes it easier for you. Since when identifying common features, it will be possible to safely use them without psychology knowledge. For example, companies from the banking sector often use white and blue colors. They evoke a sense of reliability and trust in people. And trust is a top priority for companies in this area since they are going to persuade people to entrust their money to them.


Most likely, you heard about this platform for designers. This place one of the best to draw a ton of ideas and get a boost of inspiration! Here, it is possible to see the work of true professionals for free.

By the way, most people get their ideas here, because you can find design ideas absolutely for any industry. And if you can’t invent a logo on your own, you can find a couple of templates that will become the starting point. This site is best to use as the final stage in the search for ideas. Since if you used all of the above tips, then this site will allow you to complete the image of your logo in terms of design and its features.

What is more, here you can get in touch both with top-notch and novice designers and ask them for help. 

Final Tip – The Tool to Use

If you think that to create a logo, you need to study Photoshop and a dozen other professional tools; then, you can postpone this idea for later. There are ways to create a cool logo even with your smartphone and intuitive application installed on it. 

“Despite the fact that we are engaged in content creation, we have to deal with graphic design. As a simple and free graphic editor, we can advise you to use the Canva tool. This is a great option for beginners or for those who make graphic content for their own business. Even though our team has good experience in the field of design, we often use it to create high-quality images quickly.”– I shared the experience of the CEO from Best Writers Online.


Now you have an action plan with which you can not only find ideas but create a logo that will be worthy of representing your business. Agree, everything is not as complicated as it would seem. Without a doubt, now creating a logo will not cause you insomnia! Once you have your logo you can create different versions to match their use source as one for the website, business cards, or letterhead.